"A Promise of Spring" ~ music, lyrics & vocal by Scott Clark Woolley
Currently I am working on my DVD #8, "Spring Flowers In Sugar." I always begin each production by composing a song. This cake design below and sugar bird play a major role in the set of sugarcraft lessons, including being the center focus for the opening number which has now been recorded for you to hear. Animations are in process to bring alive the Red-headed Nuthatch as well as a dozen spring flowers to make this my most extensive set of gum paste lessons ever created. Hope you enjoy it! Scott

The groundhogs and skunks lie quiet in holes, snug beds underground, 'til the switch of the poles.

Snow geese have flown South, along with the crows. Not a smidge do they miss Old Man Winter's throes.

All alone sits a bird who commonly knows, that its only some time before the end of such woes.   

A brave little Nuthatch clings tight to the limbs. Her eye catches sight, and only a glimpse, 

Tiny life in cold plight, like spiraling imps, bearing message to see of a promise of Spring.  

Being first to arrive, the Snowdrops just say, that bright emerald green is the pick of the day.

As snows melt to earth and warmth forces the rain, all spirits sprout life a-dotting the lane. 

Oh, tell Mr. Frost, "You exist now in vain!  We trumpet and herald a welcome refrain.     

It is now as was promised, our clear advent of Spring."

Cold winds now abating; all gone is the snow. God's creatures that budded are starting to grow!

Magnolia tree branches and Dogwoods are so in tune with the change as they blossom in tow.

Suddenly what then appears, and pops out of the ground?

Tall Tulips on toes, paired with Crocus around. As if to say thank you; we all did keep sound,

When reminded once more of a promise of Spring.    

Awaken all creatures, lay slumbering still!! Be witness of growth!

Seems miraculous fill, of divine intervention, being part of his will,

To infuse love of spirit, in a way, on a hill. With flowers and critters conjoined in a ring,

Sing praise to the goddess, her promise delivered...a sweet and lovely Spring just sprung!

This cake too, entitled, "Springtide," will receive prominence in the opening number as well.