DVD #2 - "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant," Now only $49, ($150 off $199!)
Enjoy seeing a fun preview on YouTube of this rewarding DVD on the fine art of cake decorating!
DVD #2 The Heart of Cake Decorating"
Painting with gold highlighter powder Applying rolled fondant to a cake.
As one of New York City's first cake designers, stretching back as far back as the late 70's, these DVD lessons are full of clever hints and valuable decorating techniques attained through decades of cake decorating. Rolled fondant, a challenging substance to make from scratch and apply cleanly to the cake, is taught throughly to make it easy. Save yourself loads of money by learning to make a better tasting sugar dough than you ever thought possible!

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DVD #2 "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant"

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