Greetings, all you cake decorating enthusiasts! This section of my site includes those rudimentary, essential supplies and equipment that I used regularly throughout my cake designing career that began in 1978. For the first 10 years or so, I was also in the performing arts. Being often an out of work actor, I did not have the money at first to buy the almost endless products that are available to the cake decorator. Because of my tight budget, I stuck to the very essential tips, bags, spatulas, etc. that I could get away with and still produce quality cake creations.

When one is starting out in the field of cake designing, all those creative products can seem overwhelming and costly too. So I am here as a teacher to focus the beginner. Here are those invaluable tools or supplies that were used to create the nearly 100 cakes that can been seen in my book, "Cakes By Design," now in its third printing.

And too, for those interested in learning more about the essential techniques one needs to have under their chef apron to succeed in the fine art of cake decorating, have a look at this preview of my DVD#2 "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping and Rolled Fondant." That is quite a long title, but accurately describes the breadth of knowledge taught in this thorough instructional DVD, two years in the making. If you wish to purchase anything, just email me and I will be happy to help you. May the cake and sugar Muses be with you!

Scott Clark Woolley

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Premium Icing Bags pastic couplers for pastry bags
#CD-1: Icing Bag Coupler - $.75
#CD-1A: Icing Bag Couplers (set of 3) - $2
#CD-2A: Icing Bag 8"(20cm) - $3.50
#CD-2B: Icing Bag 10"(25cm) - $4.50
#CD-2C: Icing Bag 12"(30cm) - $5.50
#CD-2D: Icing Bag 14"(35cm) - $6.50
#CD-3A: Flat Icing Nail - $1.25 The flat nail may be piped directly upon without the use of wax paper or foil for removal, as is the case when piping buttercream or royal icing flowers on the dome or Lily nail.
#CD-3B: Dome Icing Nail - $1.25
#CD-3C: Flat Icing Nail - $1.25
Serrated cake knife for leveling cakes and carving them.
#CD-4A: Cake Carving and Leveling Knife - 14 inch blade (35cm) - $25
#CD-4B: Cake Carving and Leveling Knife - 10 inch blade (25cm) - $20
finest stainlesssteel icing spatulas, angled or straight.
This brief excerpt from DVD #2 "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant," shows me using three of the four spatula shapes shown to the left. In my opinion, all but the small bent spatula are needed to properly frost a buttercream cake.

The two straight spatulas are used for the side and top of a cake, and the large bent spatula is used for cleaning up the center of the top. If you are using bent spatulas for the entire cake frosting, it is adding an unnecessary angle that makes it only more challenging to get the sides straight and the top level and flat.

#CD-5A: Straight Icing Spatula - 9" (22cm) - $4.50
#CD-5B: Straight Icing Spatula - 11" (28cm) - $6.50
#CD-5C: Angled Icing Spatula - 13" (22cm) - $6.50
#CD-5D: Angled Icing Spatula - 9" (22cm) - $4.50
#CD-6: Tapered French Rolling Pin - 20" (50cm) - $12
#CD-7A: Long-handled Bowl Scraper - 14" (35cm) - $7
#CD-7: Bowl Scraper - 10" (25cm) - $5
#CD-PG: Clear Piping Gel - 10 oz. - $6.50
#CD-MP: Meringue Powder - 4 oz.(113g) - $7; 8 oz.(226g) - $11
Click on the piping tip to view my favorite seamless stainless steel piping tips!
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