If as a cake artist, you are ever frustrated with your ability to pipe inscriptions cleanly and gracefully, it may not be your talent that is in the way of success. It can be two things, how you hold the bag and the quality of tip being used.

Circle tips are generally used to pipe inscriptions. If the tip has a metal seam as cheaper tips are made, the icing exiting the tip drags on the seam and curls. That unwanted action of the icing has a huge effect upon the result.

A seamless tip expels icing in a straight forward fashion without any drag. In other words, placing the line of icing exactly where you want it to be. If you have never tried these perfect piping tips, you will be amazed how much easier your cake decorating becomes. They also never rust, deteriorate and keep their shape forever!

Try holding the bag as shown above. The pastry arts community is sort of locked on the bent wrist hold of the pastry bag because they generally use large bags full of filling or icing. For fine art of cake decorating, use only a 10 inch (25cm) bag and hold as shown. Then there is one straight forward direction instead of an added 90 degree angle confusing things.

Also the thumbs should do the squeezing, not the smaller fingers as is the case with the bent hold. The thumbs are the energy fingers of the hand and have the greatest strength, so use them. With the bent hold, they are not even being used. Also with the forward hold, the pinkies can be used to prop for steadiness. And one last very important reason to reduce the amount you bend your wrist, is that the forward placement of the pastry bag, does not cramp the wrist or hunch the back leaning over causing chronic fatigue. These are just some of the hints you can discover in my DVD#2 "The Heart of Cake Decorating."

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#TP-0: minute circle tip - $4.50
#TP-1: extra fine circle tip - $4.50
#TP-1.5: extra fine plus circle tip - $4.50
#TP-2: fine circle tip - $4.50
#TP-2.5: fine plus circle tip - $4.50
#TP-3: medium circle tip - $4.50
#TP-3.5: medium plus circle tip - $4.50
#TP-16: large circle tip - $4.50
#TP-17: larger plus circle tip - $4.50
#TP-18: extra large circle tip - $4.50
#TP-43: tiny rope tip - $4.50
#TP-44: small rope tip - $4.50
#TP-5: fine star tip - $4.50
#TP-6: tinyl star tip - $4.50
#TP-7: small star tip - $4.50
#TP-13: large star tip - $4.50
#TP-19B: tiny basketweave tip - $4.50
#TP-20B: small basketweave tip - $4.50
#TP-31R: tiny ribbon tip - $4.50
#TP-32R: small ribbon tip - $4.50
#TP-ST50: minute leaf tip - $4.50
#TP-ST51: tiny leaf tip - $4.50
#TP-ST52: small leaf tip - $4.50
#TP-53: medium leaf tip - $4.50
#TP-55: tiny petal/Chrysanthemum tip - $4.50
#TP-57S: tiny ruffle tip - $4.50
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