Here are the other main types of tips and most handy sizes that I used frequently with my cake designing.

Along with the circle tips on the previous page, one can do a lot of creating with these added to your bag of tricks.

#CD-TP47: Medium Ribbed Basketweave tip - $1.25
#CD-TP48: Large Ribbed Basketweave tip - $1.25
#CD-TP45: Large Flat Basketweave tip - $1.25
Cake entitled, "Monarch's Delight."
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#CD-TP70: Large Leaf tip - $1.25
#CD-TP65: Tiny Leaf tip - $1.25
#CD-TP20: Large Star tip - $1.25
This photo is from my book, "Cakes By Design". Rights were acquired from Jim Henson Productions. Cake was made for their celebration.
#CD-TP22: Medium Star tip - $1.25
#CD-TP129: Blossom tip - $1.25
Used for cluster flowers like Lilacs pictured.
#CD-TP81: Lily of the Valley tip - $1.25
For Lily of the Valley spray, use any thin circle tip for stem. Pipe at least three lines first in a curve, and then pipe cupped flower blossoms on top or along the edge of each stem.
Cake entitled, "Blithe Spirit."
Pipe ruffles, Roses and other blossom flowers with these three sizes of Rose petal tips.

The two larger varieties do not fit the bag coupler, but can be simply inserted into a bag without one.

#CD-TP104: Medium Petal tip - $1.25
#CD-TP125: Large Petal tip - $2
Buttercream Roses to the right were piped with tips #CD-TP104 and #CD-TP125.
#CD-TP125: X-Large Petal tip - $2
#CD-TP233: Hair/Grass tip - $1.25
There are many uses for this multi-holed tip.

Piped vertically, it achieves the fur to the right and grassy look below. Piped in longs strands horizontally, it can appear like human hair or doggy ears.

Cake entitled, "Poodles Present."
#CD-TP234: Large Hair/Grass tip - $2
This large hair/fur/grass tip again does not use a coupler, but is simply inserted into a 12 inch bag or larger.
Cake entitled, "Sweet Eden."
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