Being an Aquarian, myself, and also having a love of Metaphysics, this logo for my DVD productions on the fine art of cake decorating, business and gum paste sugar flowers stems originally from a cake design that I once created.

It was for a friend and fellow Aquarian, the English clairvoyant and extraordinarily gifted, Paula Roberts. Another friend, Broadway actor, Bill Dietrich, extracted the image from the photo of the cake and then proceeded to design an exquisite symbol for all my instructional DVDs. Hope you enjoy seeing how one creation can lead to the invention of another. Enjoy! Scott Clark Woolley

Cake entitled, "Water Bearer".
Aquarius is defined as the eleventh sign of the Zodiac, an unashamed nude male standing in water, pouring out his jug of creativity in order to inspire and uplift Humanity. It is an Air sign of thinking polarity who also incorporates emotions and feelings described in words as bearing his water well.
This is the logo for Cakes By Design Series of Instructional DVDs.