All dust colors on this page retail for $238. If all are purchased at once, you get 10% off, $24, then only $214. It is like getting 7 petal dusts free!
To choose your dust for purchase, select the item number and its smaller case letter, for example:
#S6-a Gold Highlighter - $3.50
#S6 - Highlighter Powders - $3.50
Highlighter Powder when mixed very thickly with any alcohol or vegetable oil based liquid, can be brushed on a sugar surface to achieve a metal-like appearance. Vodka, Gin or lemon extract may be used, achieving a dry result, but it will be more grainy than if using oil. However, oil does not dry completely, so do not touch finished piece once applied.
a. Gold; b. Silver
#S7 - Pearl Dusts - $3.50
Pearl dust is a shimmery material that when appied to a dry surface will create the chatoyancy of a cultured pearl.

A light dusting of Super White is commonly used on most flowers to create a moist and lifelike appearance.

a. Green; b. Super White; c. Violet
#S8 - Luster Dusts - $3.50
a. Sapphire Blue; b. Green; c. Super Gold; d. African Gold; e. Teal Blue; f. Super Green; g. Violet
Luster dust when applied to any dry surface creates an iridescent look, perfect for Butterfly, Dragonfly and many creative choices
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#S10 - Petal Dusts - $3.50 Petal dusts are for coloring most petal and leaves.
a. Wine Red; b. Poppy Red; c. Orange; d. Daffodil Yellow; e. Apple Green; f. Spring Green
g. Emerald; h. Forest Green; i. Passion Pink; j. Magenta; k. Violet; l. Royal Blue
m. Christmas Red; n. Pansy Violet; o. Sepia; p. Navy Blue; q. Black; r. Coffee Brown
s. Primrose Yellow; t. Pink; u. White
#S11 - Neon Petal Dusts - $3.50
Neon petal dusts are bright, tropical shades.
a. Ice Blue; b. Kelly Green; c. Yellow; d. Tangerine; e. Spring Rose; f. Mexican Rose
#S12 - Light Stardust Glitter - $3.50
Subtle hint of color in these snowy dusts.
a. Green; b. Pink; c. Violet; d. Blue; e. Rainbow; f. White
Stardust Glitter is an inert, nontoxic, nonfood substance that is used for decoration only. Moisten surface to adhere glitter.
#S14 - Baby Stardust Glitter - $3.50
Pastel shades of glitter.
a. Pink; b. Blue; c. Violet; d. Orange; e. Yellow; f. Green
#S13 - Bright Stardust Glitter - $3.50
Bright glitter in all the colors of the rainbow.
a. Gold; b. Silver: c. Red; d. Strawberry; e. Peach; f. Orange
g. Yellow Citrine; h. Citrus; i. Heat Green; j. Sea Green; k. Emerald; l. Blue Topaz
m. Sapphire Blue; n. Blue; o. Amethyst; p. Plum; q. Raspberry; r. Hot Pink; s. Black