One inch = 2.54cm
Cutters for the sugar flower Alstroemeria.
#C1 - Alstroemeria - $9
Common name: Peruvian Lily
Set of 2 for sepal and petal
#V30 Alstroemeria Veiner - $10
Stamens required: #S3-SR pink
#C29 - Lily Leaf cutters - $12
#V11 - Lily Leaf Veiners - $10
Instructions: DVD #5 or Book
Amaryllis in sugar by Scott Clark Woolley Amaryllis petal cutter set Amaryllis petal veiner by Scott Clark Woolley Daffodil leaf cutters Cornhusk veiner Lily Stamen Tip maker.
#C101 - Amaryllis Petal - $14 #V104 - Amaryllis Petal Veiner - $14 #C62 - Daffodil/Amaryllis, etc. Leaf- $14
#V9 - Cornhusk Veiner- $14
This cutter and veiner creates a lifesize Amaryllis, 6 inches (15cm) from top to bottom petal!
#V42 - Stamen Maker - $10
Flower cutter for the Anemone. All purpose silicone petal veiner.
Set of 2 petal shapes #V2 - All Purpose Petal Veiners - $11 #V70 - Anemone Center Maker - mold of 3 types - $14
#C53 - Anemone - $9
Stamens required: #S3-SR black Instructions: Book
Common name: Lily of the Field
Sugar Flower cutter for the Anthurium. Silicone veiner for the Anthurium. Silicone mold for Anthurium spadix
#C2 - Anthurium - $14 Set of 2 sizes for bract (leaf) #V12 - Anthurium Veiner - $17 #V71 - Anthurium Spadix - mold of 3 sizes - $16; #V86 - Mini Anthurium Spadix - $10
Common name: Flamingo or Pecker Plant Stamens required: none Instructions: DVD #5 or Book
Flower cutter for the Bearded Iris
#C54 - Bearded Iris- $14

Cornhusk veiner Cornhusk used for leaves. This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
All purpose silicone petal veiner.
#V2 - Petal Veiner - $11
No stamens required
#C62 - Iris leaf - $14
#V9 - Cornhusk - $14
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book
Metal cutters for bee's wings.
Set of 2 wings for the Bumblebee
#C55 - Bee Wings - 2 sizes - $8
Bumblebee Body molds in silicone.
Stamens required for either Bee or Dragonfly: #S3-SR black
#V48 - Bee Body- $18
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book
Metal cutters for the Bellflower
#C56 - Bellflower- $12 Set of 3 sizes Instructions: Book
Botanical name:Campanula No stamens required
Green calyx can be made with any tiny blossom cutter: #C4 - Cherry Blossom, #C38 Small Rose Calyx or #C42 - Stephanotis.
Cutters for the sugar Bird of Paradise cornhusk veiner for bracts and stalk
#C3 - Bird of Paradise - $14 Set of 3 for bract & tongue #V9 - Cornhusk - $14 This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
No stamens required
#C70 - Bird of Paradise Stalk - $15
Instructions: DVD #5 or Book For petiole (stalk sheath), use largest cutter in leaf set, #C70, along with Cornhusk veiner, #V9.
Form just a simple body shape and then elaborate with these body part molds for small to medium size birds. #C91 - Feathers - set of 6 - $17 #V93 - Feather Veiners - set of 3 - $16
Beak and birdie feet silicone designed by Scott Clark Woolley.
#V103 - Beaks & Birdie Feet - 3 sizes of beaks with large and small legs with claws - $21 Picture makes them look big. These are very delicate and tiny in person, very lifelike! The molds make birdie feet, a somewhat challenging body part to form, fly into existence!
Flower cutters for Bleeding heart and leaf. bleeding heart leaf veiner.
#C73 - Bleeding Heart - $9 Set of 3 stages of the blossoming flower #C74 - Bleeding Heart Leaf Cutter - $6
Common name: Lyre Flower, Lady's Locket and Lady in the Bath No stamens required #V33 - Bleeding Heart Leaf Veiner - $8
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book
Form challenging Butterfly bodies instantly with these lifelike molds. Fill mold with black or brown sugar dough and then dust with luster dust to create a thick enough body to hold sugar wings. From tiny Skipper to large Monarch, with this set of 4 molds, any size is possible!
Butterfly wing cutters
Butterfly Body molds in silicone.
#C5 - Butterfly Wings - $12 Set of 4 wing types #V44 - Butterfly Body Mold - 4 sizes and types - $19
Stamens required: S3-LR black (or any color stamen in sizes large or small, round tip)
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book
One inch = 2.54cm
metal cutters for the Monarch and Swallowtail butterfly wings.
#C6 - Butterfly Wings - $11 Set of 2 large wing types animated sugar Viceroy butterfly
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book Stamens required: S3-LR black Mold above required: #V44 - $19
Butterfly Wing cutters for gum paste.
#C7 - Butterfly Wings - $9 Set of 2 wing types
Instructions: DVD #4 or Book Mold above required: #V44 - $19
Stamens required: S3-SR black (or any color stamen in small, round tip)
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