One inch = 2.54cm
Daffodil cutters for sugar paste flowers and clay. Cornhusk veiner
#C14 - Daffodil - $14 Set of 2: sepals and trumpet #C62 - Daffodil Leaf- $14 #V97 - Daffodil Petal and Throat Veiner- $14
Common name: Daffy-Down-Dilly Instructions: Book #V9 - Cornhusk Veiner- $14
Stamens required:#S3-LT yellow Cornhusk used for leaves. This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
Daffodil leaf cutters Cornhusk veiner
#C95 - Smalll Daffodil or Jonquil - $12 #C62 - Daffodil Leaf- $14
#V96 - Small Daffodil or Jonquil Petal & Throat Veiners- $12
#V9 - Cornhusk Veiner- $14
Cornhusk used for leaves. This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
Daisy Petal and Leaf cutters for floral art work.
#C15 - Daisy - $18 Set of 4 sizes with eight petals each cut #C17 - Daisy leaf - $10
Coneflower Daisy Center maker in silicone for gum paste or clay flowers.
Coneflower Daisy uses cutter #C15 #V72 - Coneflower/Daisy Center Maker - Three sizes - $14 #V18 - Daisy Leaf Veiner - $8
Gerbera Daisy cutter set for sugar art and clay work. Gerber and Daisy Center amker in silicone.
#C81 - Gerber Daisy - $22
Set of 4 sizes with twelve petals each cut #V36 - Gerbera & Daisy Center Maker - $17
Instructions: DVD #4 or PDF
No stamens required
Daphne flower gum paste cutters for sugar and clay work.
#V94 - Daphne Leaf Veiner - $6 #C93 - Daphne Leaf - 3 sizes - $10
#C18 - Daphne - $5 For leaf use the smallest cutter in set, #C20 Gardenia Leaf below.
Stamens required:#S3-SR yellow
Instructions: Book
Dendrobiium Orchid cutter set. Dendrobiu Orchid veiner for petal and sepal.
#C19 - Dendrobium Orchid - $12 Set of 3: petal, sepals and throat #V40 - Dendrobium Orchid Veiner - $11
Common name: Singapore Orchid No stamens required Instructions: DVD #3 or Book
Orchid tongues can be the most challenging part of any Orchid to form in gum paste. That makes this mold extremely valuable in forming five of the most popular Orchids. Orchid togue molds in silicone.
#1 - Vanda, Cymbidium or any miniature

#2 - Dendrobium Orchid or small Orchid

#3 - Ginger, Miltonia or any medium size

#4 - Cymbidium Orchid

#5 - Cattleya Orchid

#SV-090 - Orchid Columns (tongues) - 5 types - $16
Dogwood in sugar with Robin's nest. Dogwood cutter for gum paste flowers. Silicone veiner for Dogwood flower inn clay or gum paste.
#C89 - Dogwood Petal - $9 #V85 - Dogwood Petal veiner - $14 #V73 - Dogwood Center Maker - three sizes - $14
Instructions: PDF No stamens requird
Cornhusk veiner
Dutch iris cutters for gum paste work or clay. Silicone all purpose petal veinier.
#C63 - Dutch Iris - $14 Set of 3 petals, standard, fall & middle petal #C62 - Iris Leaf - $14 #V2 - All Purpose Petal Veiner - $11
#V9 - Cornhusk Veiner- $14
No stamens required Iris Instructions: DVD #4 or Book
Cornhusk used for leaves. This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
Metal cutters for Dragonfly Wings
#C100 - Dragonfly Wings - set of 5 cutters - $16
#V47 - Dragonfly Body molds - set of 4 sizes - $18
Fan cutter for gum paste sugar art.
#C76 - Fan - $13
Fan pictured is slightly larger than cutter.
Fan Instructions: Book
Form just a simple body shape and then elaborate with these body part molds for small to medium size birds. #C91 - Feathers - set of 6 - $17 #V93 - Feather Veiners - set of 3 - $16
Beak and birdie feet silicone designed by Scott Clark Woolley.
#V103 - Beaks & Birdie Feet - 3 sizes of beaks with large and small legs with claws - $21 Picture makes them look big. These are very delicate and tiny in person, lifelike! The molds make birdie feet, a somewhat challenging body part to form, fly into existence!
Foxglove sugar flower cutters.
#C79 - Foxglove - $12 Set of 3 sizes
Stamens required: #S3-PT large yellow Instructions: DVD #4 or PDF
Freesia metal cutters for sugar flowers or clay work.
#C52 - Freesia - $13 Set of 3 sizes
Stamens required: #S3-PT small yellow Instructions: PDF
Forsythia cutter.
#C97 - Forsythia - $11
Stamens required: #S3-PT small yellow
Gardenia flower cutter set for gum paste or clay work. Gardenia leaf veiner in silicone.
#C21 - Gardenia - $16 Set of 5: 4 petal shapes and calyx #C20 - Gardenia Leaf - $8 #V17 - Gardenia Leaf Veiner - $5
Instructions: Book
No stamens required
Set of 2 sizes
Gloriosa Lily petal cutters for gum paste and clay work. Lily Stamen Tip maker.
#C22 - Gloriosa Lily - $13 Set of 2 to create the bi-colored petal look #V42 - Stamen Maker - $10
Common name: Flame lily
Instructions: DVD #5 or Book
Silicone all purpose petal veinier.
#C24 - Hibiscus - $17 Set of 3: petal, calyx and leaf #V2 - All Purpose Petal Veiner - $11
Stamens required: #S3-SR yellow and #S3-Large Pearl Instructions: DVD #5 or Book Use #V7 Rose Leaf veiner for leaf texture.
Set of 3 sizes of Holly leaf cutters for gum paste or clay work.
#C25 - Holly - $12 Set of 3 sizes
Veining is marked with needle tool as demonstrated in DVD #7 or Book.
Cornhusk veiner Cornhusk used for leaves. This new cornhusker is 60% larger!
set of 3 sizes of Hyacinth cutters for sugar flowers.
#C83 - Hyacinth - $15 Set of 4 sizes #C62 - Hyacinth Leaf Cutters- $14
Stamens required: #S3-SR yellow #V9 - Cornhusk Veiner- $14
Hydrangea petal and leaf cutters for gum paste work or clay.
#C27 - Hydrangea Petal - $11 Set of 2 sizes of blossom cutters #C51 - Hydrangea Leaf - $10
#V41 - Hydrangea Center Maker - $9 #V19 - Hydrangea Petal Veiner - $11 #V20 - Hydrangea Leaf Veiner - $10
Instructions: DVD #4 or PDF
Click to see demo of Hydrangea Center Maker!
Set of 3 sizes for Ivy for gum paste sugar flowers. Silicone heart and Ivy leaf veiner in silicone.
#C28 - Ivy - $12 Set of 3 sizes #V26 - Ivy Leaf Veiner - $10
Lenten Rose cutter set for gum patse sugar flowers.
#C85 - Lenten Rose - $8 Set of 2 petal sizes
#C86 - Lenten Rose Leaf - $14
Silicone mini all purpose petal veiner. Silicone veiner for the Peony leaf.
Common name: Christmas Rose
Stamens required: #S3-LR yellow
Instructions: DVD#7 or Book
#V28 - Mini Petal Veiner - $5
#V69 - Lenten Rose Leaf Veiner - $12
Tulip/Lily of the Valley leaf cutters Lily of the Valley leaf veiner.
#C98 - Lily of the Valley - $12 #C70 - Lily of the Valley / Tulip Leaf - $15 (use two smaller sizes in this set for the leaf. Vein leaf with Calla Lily veiner)
(The tiniest cutters you ever did see! Makes lifelike size of this minute flower)
#V13 - Calla Lily / Lily of the Valley Leaf veiner - $18
Instructions: Book
Lotus Pond cake designed by NYC cake artist, Scott Clark Woolley
Lotus petal cutter set Silicone petal veiner for the Lotus flower.
#C99 - Lotus Petal - $14 #V100 - Lotus Petal Veiner - $12
A few years ago, this Lotus cake below was created for the Nippon Club in NYC. Their honoree, a renowned buddhist author of Japanese history, received appropriately, the "Miracle of the Lotus." I have recently designed a new set of silicone veiners and molds to make this even more lifelike than what is pictured. A new cutter design is in the process of being made as well. Until the petal cutter is available, one can use the sepal and petal cutter of #C13 Cymbidium Orchid, to form the petals.
Silicone Lotus Pod maker. Silicone Lotus Pad veiner. Circle cutter set for the Lotus Pad.
Announcing new petal cutter coming soon for the Lotus flower! Naturally, the Lotus flower leaf pad can be completely round while other varieties are shaped like the Water Lily pad. So feel free to choose either the #C80 Circle set or #C72 Water Lily Pad cutter set.

The 4th, 5th and 6th circle cutters fits the pad veiner perfectly!

#V101 - Lotus Pod Maker - $14 #C80 - Circles - $24
#V102 - Lotus Pad Veiner - $14
Instructions: PDF
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