DVD #4 Two Volumes - "Garden Flowers with Sugar Critters" - sale, each volume only $49!
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Enjoy an entertaining preview on YouTube of 11 garden flowers and 3 insects taught in sugar!
DVD#4 Volume I of "Garden Flowers in Sugar."
The Bearded Iris and a branch of sweet Jasmine, along with their buds and leaves, are just two of six garden flowers throughly taught in this two disc volume on gum paste. Also demonstrated are Sweet Pea, Pansy, Daisy and the exciting Hydrangea! So many structures of flowers are demonstrated that you will learn so much about sculpting any other sugar variety.
DVD#4 Volume II "Garden Flowers in Sugar with Sugar Critters."
I never let out even the tiniest details or smallest buds to make your sugar flowers come to life! In volume II, you will learn: Bleeding Heart, Foxglove, Clematis, Morning Glory, Cosmos; and 3 insects: Buttefly, Bumblebee and Ladybug. Volume II adds insects to your cake designing reperatoire, that look so real, they appear to land upon the cake creation! Not only will you learn to paint butterfly wings subtley, but I will also take the mystery out of making thin wings float on air!

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DVD #4 "Garden Flowers In Sugar With Sugar Critters"

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DVD#4 Kit
DVD#4 Kit for both volumes- $407 ($45 off $452).

DVD is sold separately from kit.

Kit contains all the equipment used in both volumes.

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