For all my customers, please note my change of address for future reference. All correspondence and check payments need to be sent to this new home address:

Scott Clark Woolley

22 Taft Avenue, Latham, NY 12110 USA

For many of you who have taken classes in my small studio space in New York City, you will understand the big change of scenery that has occurred for me on February 22, 2010 when I moved into my new house near Albany, New York.

After 35 years of living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, it was time for this cake artist to spread his wings and enjoy nature once again. I am now able to grow real flowers. One of the first plants I chose to raise was the Passion Flower which I lhave always loved making in sugar.

Sun and Moon symbols appeared just before house signing.
The kitchen I have always dreamt of, now a reality. Recently, a new vegatable garden fence and gate were installed. Concord grape and black raspberries growing profusely.
The whole upstairs is perfect loft space for my plenty of room for all my products.
My pusscats love the sunroom.
Panda loving the heat from the fireplace.
The Oz theme personified.
Me just arriving at 22 Taft Avenue.. This double rainbow appeared above my house.
It even comes with a two person steamroom. View from my bedroom window. Birds water the Pansies daily
Cozy front porch.
After 15 gallons of weatherproofing stain that I painted this summer, all the new decks are now ready for the Winter.
My first carved pumpkin at my house this past Halloween 2010.

I just removed the rind a bit so that when lights were inserted into the pumpkin, it would glow Mr. Spock.

2011's pumpkin, what is Mr. Spock without his Captain Kirk?

In this pic, the word "Peace" on the waving flag is hidden in the fold.
Never thought I'd own a giant 30' flagpole.
Hootie, the owl, always greets vistors with a tilt of his head, a hoot and a smile. Backyard patio that I use as a bird feeding sanctuary.
Me on a Torro. Who'd have thunk it!
A giant Sunflower that grew under my Macintosh apple tree..