"A Morning Glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books. ~ Walt Whitman
"All the meaning of life is veiled in numbers." ~ Pythagoras, "Father of Mathematics and Numerology"
METAPHYSICS - The branch of Philosophy that investigates the nature of reality through the analysis of the relationship between Mind and Matter, Spirit and Form.

As many of my students know, I have a secondary interest in Metaphysics. It just so happens that the same month that I discovered gum paste flowers in February 1988, I was also first handed a channeled work on this fascinating study. So for me, both my love of gum paste flowers and my fascination with Metaphysics go hand in hand. I take them equally to Heart.

Many of my students have informed me that the knowledge I have learned and therefore been able to share with them in class, has brought them help or comfort in life in some way. Because I have ended my classes for DVD productions, many have been encouraging me to write essays on my site, or even a book on the subject. They say that they miss hearing those types of lectures, dotted here and there between creating sugar petals. So their request is now my command.

This section of the site will begin to grow as I slip in a lesson periodically covering many aspects of the nature of reality. Hope you find the information illuminating. The first three essays were written as a trilogy covering the main subject matter of the Yin and Yang aspects.There is even an audio recording. So sit back and just listen or read along with me, these lessons on the main symbols of consciousness. Hope you enjoy listening to:

A chakra is an energy vortex or center of the body. The word "chakra" means wheel in Sanskrit.

Chakra system of the body:

Purple - Crown Chakra (connection to soul)

Indigo - Psi Third Eye Chakra

Blue - Communication Center

Green - Love/ Heart Chakra

Yellow - Solar Plexus Feeling Center

Orange - Birthing/Creative Center

Red - Root or Survival Chakra

Essay #1 - The True Feminine and Masculine Aspects of the Self

Essay #2 - The Sun and Moon In Balance

Essay #3 - A Time for Turning Judgment on Its Head

Essay #4 - The Science of Numerology (no audio)

Essay #5 - Uranus In Pisces - A Celestial Event Transformative

Essay #6 - The Symbols of the Zodiac

Essay #7 - We Are What We Eat

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Scott Clark Woolley

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