Here are four music videos excerpted from my Cakes By Design series of instructional DVDs on cake and sugar art. Beginning at the top is my most recent production, demonstrating holiday gum paste sugar flowers and festive decorations. If you like what you see, then click on its title link to see more info about each DVD set and a link to a video preview of these fun and rewarding lessons.
Music video #4 - "Lo! How a Rose E'er blooming!" lyrics and musical arrangment by Scott Clark Woolley; animation by Bill Dietrich
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Music video #4 Originally in German, this holiday carrol favorite, with new lyrics and arrangement, underscores DVD #7, "Holiday Flowers In Sugar."
Music video #3 - "The King of Hearts" - lyrics and music by Scott Clark Woolley; Animation by Bill Dietrich
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Music Video #3 Thematically keeping with the empowering story of "The Land of Oz," this original song is the charming opening number for DVD #6 entitled, "Practical Tips Before Starting a...Cake Art Business."

Music video #2 - "The Heart of the City" - lyrics and music by Scott Clark Woolley
Click picture to view! Love of cake decorating and my life in New York City go hand in hand. I wrote a song in honor of this great metropolis and how it has inspired me throughout my 35 years of cake decorating.When filming this video, I trotted around on bicycle capturing various seasons, activities and sites within but a mile or two walking distance from my studio. Hope you enjoy viewing an expression of my love for New York City.
Music video #2
This is the opening song from my instructional DVD #2 called, "The Heart of Cake Deorating - Baking, Icing, Piping, & Rolled Fondant."
Music video #1 - "In Praise of Gaia" - Lyrics & Music by Scott Clark Woolley
Click Picture to view! The name "Gaia" is the spiritual name for our dear Mother Earth. Throughout the video, butterflies and insects fly around. They are actually sugar creations that were, in the past, photographed on a cake, and then later digitally animated. Hope you enjoy my homage to Mother Earth.
This music video is from instructional DVD #4, "Garden Flowers In Sugar with Sugar Critters."

All the instructional DVDs I offer to the beginning or advanced student:

DVD#1 "The Amazing Art of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers"

DVD #2 "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant"

DVD #3 "Sugar Orchids"

DVD #4 "Garden Flowers In Sugar With Sugar Critters"

DVD #5 "Tropical Flowers In Sugar"

DVD #6 "Practical Tips Before Starting a Cake Art Business"

DVD#7 "Holiday Flowers In Sugar"

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