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Quality Lace Molds beautify your cake designing!
Demo by Pilar Gonzalez - All sugar examples of her beautifully designed silicone presses and molds by her as well.
Here are some of the finest lace and border molds that money can buy, made by "Sunflower Sugar Art". See how easy it is to get an intricate sugar decoration that will fool the eye to believe it is a real piece of lace. Enhance your cake designs. They are a perfect way to elaborate a cake with minute detail, and at the same time, saves you time and energy with your decorating.
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One inch = 2.54cm
Battenberg Lace Mold
#SL-077 - Battenberg Lace Mold - set of 2 - $46 #SL-031B - Lace Appliqué Mold -set of 2 - $27
Temporarily out of stock...feel free to pre-order.
A beautiful accent lace that can be paired with V-shaped or Scroll Lace mold below.
This is a very large mold, one foot long (30cm)! One section can cover half of the sides of a cake as shown in the demonstration above.
Scroll lace mold in silicone
#SL-061 - Scroll Lace Mold - set of 2 - $34 #SL-060 - Teardrop Border Lace Mold - set of 2 - $52
Both ends of this delightful scroll lace will merge perfectly with the next section forming as long a decoration around a cake as you wish. Either hanging from the top edge or flipped upright for a bottom border, this fancy teardrop lace adds elegance to any cake design.
Intricate Daisy chain lace mold.
#SL-051 - Very Large Daisy Chain Border Mold - set of 2 - $85
Very large mold that creates a powerfully wide Daisy chain nearly 15 inches long (36cm)! When you see it in person, you will understand the price.
#SM-086 - Lengthy Daisy Chain Border Mold - set of 2 - $35
Make swags, trims or delicate Daisy chain borders on cakes or sugarcraft pieces. Results from this mold will amaze everyone!
#SM-086 - Sevilla Style Border Mold - $27 #SM-125 - Sevilla Style Mold - $14
Four Spanish style panels are formed instantly with a simple flat rollout of sugar dough pressed into the mold. Trim edges with circular blade once released. Single Spanish style panel...can be paired with other Sevilla border.
V-Shaped Lace Mold in Silicone.
#SL-057 - Large V-shaped Doily Lace Mold - set of 2 - $52
The quintessential lace appliqué...rather large at 7.5 inches (19cm) in width, brilliantly made!
The following detailed lace molds can be used with any sugar dough, flexible royal icing, or even buttercream. Just either press sugar dough into mold, fill it with flexible royal icing, or spread interior with buttercream. For buttercream, freeze it and then set upside down onto cake to peel off mold. And in an instant, a delicate decoration that looks like real lace appears, just like the butterfly shown here.
#RL-001 - Scalloped Butterfly - $17 #RL-002 - Butterfly Trio - $27
#RL-011 - Crochet Butterfly - $15 #RL-003 - Doves and Flowers - $27
#RL-004 - Large Floral Applique´ - $44 #RL-005 - Heart Applique´ - $27
#RL-006 - Large Floral Borders - $67 #RL-007 - Heart and Scroll Lace - $14
#RL-008 - Large Portofino Border - $35 #RL-010 - Very Large Floral Lace Trio - $77
#RL-009 - Very Large Florence Lace - $39
Silicone full collection: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9
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