Enjoy looking through this new line of novelty silicone molds and veiners by "Sunflower Sugar Art". Owner, Pilar Gonzalez, has meticulously created some of the finest lace and novelty molds in our field. Add unique artistry to your creations with these delightful products!
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Ruler is in centimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 cm
Hummingbirds in sugar Hummingbird mold
#SM-202 - Hummingbird Mold - $20
Fleur-de-lis silicone mold
#M-078-Fleur-de-lis Mold - $16 #SM-109 - Fleur-de-lis Mold - 4 smaller sizes - $20
Bird of Paradise silicone mold.
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#M - 080 - Italian Cross - $18 #SM-197 - Bird of Paradise Mold - $18
The perfect cross for any religious themed cake.
Large Snowflake silicone mold
Snowflake over 5 " (13cm)! #SM-134 - XL Snowflake - $31 #NM-106 - Mini Snowflakes Mold - $21
This extra large snowflake can be the main focus decoration at the very center of a cake. Make it in gum paste, and sparkle it up with any Disco dust color, gold or silver highlighter powder! For clear effect shown, use transparent media like gelatin or isomalt. Add flurries quickly to winter cake designs!
Snowflake mold in silicone. Teddy Bear mold in silicone
#SM-196 - Snowflake - $7 (Snowflake 3.5cm (1 3/8 inches) #NM-200- Puppies & Teddy Bears - $20
Kitty cat mold Cat face mold in silicone
#SM-120- Kitty Cats - $18 #SM-195 - Pusscat Faces - 6 mugs - $13
Any feline lover will love these cat decorations!
Silicone mold for making tiny bows in chocolate or sugar.
#SM-039- Mini Bows Mold 3 sizes - $16 #M-025- Fancy Bow Mold - $16
Imagine how many times one needs to put a bow on a cake! Fantastic quick alternative!
#NM-158- Faceted Gems II Mold - $22 #NM-159- Faceted Gems Mold - $27
Press gum paste into mold and gloss with piping gel, or for a clear gem effect, melt geltin or isomalt in each shape...amazing! I wish I had these molds when I made those jewelry box and crown cakes in the past.
#SM-111 - Button Maker Mold - $27 #SM-130 - Tool Maker Mold - $24
Finish off teddy bear and children's cakes with cute bottons! For a Father's Day Cake, or for anyone into carpentry work, these tools add whismsy in a flash!
#SM-180- Edwardian Brooch - $14 #SM-156 - Diamond Brooch - $15 #NM-132 - Flower Goddess Brooch - $16
#SM-189 - Victorian Cameo Brooch - $14 #M-086 - Floral Bouquet Cameo - $16
#SM - 069 - Trio of Roses Mold - $16
#M-029 - Pretty Lady Cameo - $16 #M-033 - Rose Cameo - $16
An easy press into these cameo molds lends a quick focal treatment at the center of any cake.
Silicone mold for making chains or braids.
#SM-198 Chain (29cm) and Braid (25cm) - $33 (Sections can be fitted together to form any length. Gold effect achieved using #S6-A Gold Highlighter Powder.)
#SM-121 - 12 inch Zipper Mold - $24
Once sugar dough is pressed into mold, use a circular blade to cut any length or width zipper to finish of those clothes in cake and sugar!
Silicone full collection: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9