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Ruler is in centimeters. 1 inch = 2.54 cm
Orchid tongues can be the most challenging part of any Orchid to form in gum paste. That makes this mold extremely valuable in forming five of the most popular Orchids.
Orchid togue molds in silicone.
#1 - Vanda, Cymbidium or any miniature

#2 - Dendrobium Orchid or any small Orchid

#3 - Ginger, Miltonia or any medium size

#4 - Cymbidium Orchid

#5 - Cattleya Orchid

#SV-090 - Orchid Columns (tongues) - 5 types - $16
#NM-309- Cattleya Orchid Mold - $20
Petals and sepals formed in top mold with throat and tongue together then set upon it. Cute and adorable it is for all the endless color variations possible!
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Orchid veiner.
#NM-071- Dahlia Mold - $27 #SV-032 - Lettuce Leaf - Orchid Veiner - $28
Form in one fell swoop, one of the more intricately petaled flowers in gum paste. This is a large multi-purpose, double-sided veiner, perfect for orchid petals or throats.
#SM-129- Large Daisy Mold - $27 #SM-132- Medium daisy Mold - $16
Press either white or yellow dough into the mold, pop it out and dust green, yellow and/or brown in the center....instant Daisy!
#NM-307- Assorted Mums Mold - $17 Six varying sizes and styles of cameo shaped Mums...extremely intricate!
#NM-083- Assorted Flower & Leaf Mold - $18 #NM-074- Multi Leaf Mold - $20
9 tiny and intricate shapes including Tulip, Lily and Mum. 11 tiny and intricate leaf shapes to add to your beauty arsenal.
Peacock feather in gum paste.
#SM-143 - Large Peacock Feather Mold - $20 #SM-142 - Small Peacock Feather - $18
Usually a challenging decoration to form, now with these two molds and some luster dust and gold highlighter, the Peacock displays its magical feathers in all their glory!
#SM-122 - Dragonfly Mold - $18
#NM - 096 - Monarch Butterfly Mold - $18
Two molds to create a dragonfly and a Monarch butterfly in a flash! The raised impressions in the mold make it easy to paint the intricate wing patterns.
Silicone full collection: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9
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