The Science of Numerology
Through the science of Numerology, calculate your own "Personal Year Number" for this year.
Pythagoras, the "Father of Mathematics" also channeled the Science of Numerolgy for us. He once said, "All the meaning of life is veiled in numbers."

The human experience is governed by the Universe through 9 year cycles. The nine spiral is fundamentally a symbol for the Universe as even reflected in the spiral of our galaxy. 

Each of us has a personal year numerical vibration which changes each year. Through the channeled science of Numerology by metaphysician Pythagoras, "The Father of Mathematics," that personal year number can be gotten by adding together the day and month of your birth and then adding the Universal year which is reflected in the current calendar year's number value. 

The main reason for knowing your personal year number is to know that once you look at the symbolism below for each number, one will therefore not resist the fundamental nature, quality or activity of the year that one is currently involved in along the life path.

Here's how to discover your own personal year number after first I described the Universal year for everyone.

In numerology, two or more digit numbers are always added together to get their single digit value. 

So for example this coming year is 2007 which when added together, 2+0+0+7= 9. Therefore, the coming year of 2007 is a "9 Universal Year". Like the nine suggests, it is an ending year and a year which contains all the previous numbers so it is full in experience. 

A "9" Universal Year for us all is to complete and end things which are not needed for the new cycle starting the following year in 2008 which becomes a "1" and will initate then a new cylcle. 

This year, watch for "9" type of activities, endings, finishes and completions to pervade the year. A perfect example of inevitable endings will, for example, be the end of Corporate and Republican rule in government, hopefully Iraq war too waning. Saddam Hussein's death, an infamous world leader, is the most important symbol of the "9" ending. The noose even from which he was hung is the nine symbol. Notice too how often the noose symbol appeared throughout the year. On campuses, it was used to help end descrimination.

The "9" energy also is of a spiritual nature so many will turn toward, not necessarily religion, but more of a spiritually based view of reality.

Besides the Universal year, one can determine one's individual experience for the coming year too.

That is determined by adding the person's birth, Month + Day + the Universal year= the personal year life experience number. 

As an example, for me, born on Feb 9th, my coming personal year will be 2 (Feb) + 9 (Day) + 9 (Universal year for 2007 for all of us) = 20 which when added together 2 + 0 = a "2" personal year for me for 2007. 

Here are the metaphysical reflections of the number system which can be associated with any important number in your life matrix. Work out your personal year number and then check for these descriptions to reflect in your experience:

Number 1: Yang, male principle of doing, the arrow out of the egg, Aries initiating manifestation. It is a beginning and therefore full of energy and enthusiasm, but because it is just the beginning, there can be insecurity with expenses outlaid and feeling unsure about what the new cycle will ultimately create for you. Expect newness in most things.

Number 2: Yin, feminine principle of being, gestation period after the previous year of manifestation. Time to be passive and wait for things to form. Emotional year since the feminine involves feelings. Partnering or coupling can be an important result of this year of the "2".

Number 3: Baby makes three. A year of fertility, productivity and fruition from the previous two years of initiation. Usually insecure finances are improved with this fertile vibration. Mind, Heart & Body working as one.

Number 4: Hard work which creates stability is the primary function of this energy. To put into being, the four corners of the Earth, a solid foundation to your 9 year cycle. Expect to experience some struggle and challenges which bring strength to the self. By the end of this year, one usually feels more secure financially as a result of this "4" year of hard work.

Number 5: Freedom, travel, communications and sudden changes of direction occur as reflected in the way the number five is written. Number four created the stability to then allow freedom and the movement to travel during a five year. It is usually a pleasant year of mental pursuits of a positive polarity with diversity of experience a key word.

Number 6: Home and care giving are key words for this loving vibration of six. Decorating and creative projects flourish in this year of artfulness. Expect to help others in some fashion too, this year of nursing or care giving. Coming up sixes too means it will bring a great abundance. 

(There is no such thing as an evil number as some think regarding the mythic number, 666. In the myth of the" Antichrist", it is the abundant vibration of three sixes that would allow for the "Mark of the Beast" to manifest great amounts of weapons of mass destruction, in this case, "armies on both sides of the ocean", the "Arms Race" of the 80's.

By coincidence, Ronald Reagan lived up until the date 6/6/2004. Any year's digits are added together to get the fundamental number vibration, so "2004" is 2+0+0+4 = 6.

So that date he lived up to fundamentally is 6/6/6.

This president, in charge of the greatest power on Earth, the USA, fulfilled every aspects of the ancient prophecy. No one amassed more weapons than this leader in the history of the world.

His life path clearly reflected the mythic elements:

1. He was a man wounded at the head (head of government),

2. Received public adoration as a result.

3. He also had the Beverly Hills address of "666". The Reagans quickly changed the number of their address when they moved in, which was deceptive, knowing the symbolism that it suggested.

4. Reagan was called the "Great Communicator," and the myth describes him as "the Great Deceiver". He was an actor playing a role, saying he was against government, but grew government faster than ever before spending more money on bombs than any other Commander in Chief, ever.

5. He was also at the center of the Contra Affair, unconstitutionally arming rebels in Nicaragua. Another word for the prefix "Contra" is "Anti".

To make the point succinctly, Reagan was an actor playing the roll of President, fooling most people into thinking he was doing good. I just share this analysis of the ancient myth to open up the myth's symbolism to current situations. 

In my opinion, this mythic character of evil has completed his task, and has exited from the Earth plane at this point upon his death. The "666" again comes to play with his death. He passed into spirit just three hours shy of the date 6/6/2004, (6/6/6).

I feel the numerical symbolism of the date of his passing literally put the nail in the coffin showing who the 4Oth president really was for the world, a necessary evil.

A true evil force is never obvious as Hollywood often portrays, as in the Exorcist's child, coincidentally called, Reagan, or specifically in "The Omen," the character of Damien, both portents right before his presidency. Clever evil usually deceives us more subtly with just a simple, rosy-cheeked smile as in the case of Reagan, or a jolly "ho ho ho" from Santa, an anagram of Satan, dressed in a red suit commercializing Christmas.)

Number 7: On the seventh day we rest. It is the end of 6 years of hard work and this number vibration encourages reflection, mental pursuits rather than physical activities. Take care of the body this year. Money will be there regardless of needing to work too hard for it, generally speaking. The fruit is on the bush and it is there for the picking.

Number 8: Power and Karmic return for the previous seven years. It is the infinity symbol so it suggests that what you put out for seven years will now return to the self in its reward. A twisted circle, it symbolizes all is full, rounded & infinitely abundant, that is, if you did your homework earlier in the cycle.

Number 9: the God symbol of the Universe, humble nine bows its head in submission to the ultimate power of the One. Achieving expertise and knowledge can be the basic nature of the completion of the 9 year cycle. Loss and letting go are its by words, both of which are required to end the cycle properly to let go of those things not needed for the new cycle starting in the next year. Moving, leaving, ending, finishing, loss and attaining enlightenment are characteristic experiences of the nine vibration. It should be an inspiring year, 2007, being a "nine" vibration.

Now that you understand the veiled meaning of these important number symbols, look back at your own life path, and see the 9 year cycles that have occurred in the past. It is true evidence of an ordered tapestry of patterns and cycles that make up each and every life experience for every man. Hope you have enjoyed this metaphysical analysis of the Science of Numerology.

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