Hello! Thank you for your interest in my quality cake decorating products.

IMPORTANT! Please provide in first email, your mailing address in order to calculate shipping, along with telephone number(s) to assure communication, even if just asking for a price estimate.

Occasionally, emails get lost in spam filters. Telephone number(s) guarantee you will get my response.

I pride myself with fast customer service. Therefore, it is a good idea to remain at the computer for a few minutes after placing an order. Or, check again within an hour or so to complete your purchase quickly and have your questions answered.

If you have not heard back from me within 8 hours of placing an order, then do contact me by phone in the USA (518-608-4341) so I can take care of your wish list promptly.

Hope you find shopping a pleasant experience.

Scott Clark Woolley

I personally handle and give care to all orders from start to finish, including even boxing and shipping!
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Four easy steps for purchasing products
1. Please email me (scw@cakesbydesign.cc) your shipping info:
Full name
Maiing address (no abbreviations)
Telephone numbers
2. Then list items numbers, product names and prices in a vertical column.
Example: #C9 Calla Lily $15
#V2 - All Purpose Veiner $11
3. I will then total the order with cheapest shipping option.
If you wish faster shipping price options, let me know in your first email.
Shipping worldwide is via United States Postal Service (USPS).
International choices: First Class (cheapest, about 1- 2 weeks), Priority (6-10 business days) and Express mail (3-5 days)
USA choices: Priority mail (2-3 days) or Priority Express mail (1-2 days)
4. Payment options:
Debit or credit cards directly, or through Paypal, as well as check or money order mailed in US currency.
Once I have totaled your order, a separate payment invoice will arrive in your inbox.
Simply click on the blue "Pay Invoice" banner, fill in your card information, and that is it!
It is a safe and a simpler way to pay than even Paypal.
If you wish though to use PayPal, inform me, and I will initiate the "Money Request."
If paying by check or money order drawn in US currency, please make it payable to:
Scott Clark Woolley
mailed promptly within 24 hours of ordering products to:
Scott Clark Woolley
22 Taft Avenue
Latham, New York 12110 USA
For first time customers paying by check, with an order over $100, check must first be received before shipping out products. For return customers, a promise to mail check promptly will initiate same day shipping of products. I prefer check payment if possible for USA customers to avoid the service fee I would incur when processing your card payment directly or through PayPal. But feel no pressure to do so if you wish to use credit or debit cards for your convenience.
To estimate your shipping cost, click here!