Hello, Here are two positive affirmations attached to some close up pictures of a wedding cake that I created with a Passion Flower and Purple Hairstreak Butterfly, both made in sugar gum paste. The pic is in 300 resolution which is why it is so large on the web page. At this resolution it will print from your computer the best.

May I suggest you drag the pic onto your desktop? Then print it on glossy photo or brochure paper. Lastly, cut the page across the middle and trim the excess away to create two rectangular affirmation cards that you can frame, set near the computer, or stick on the refrigerator.

Besides consciously seeing the positive message daily, our subconscious receives the message and repeats it. That is why affirmations can be so powerful in changing fear patterns, due to the fact that the soul and subconscious believe the message so completely and continually if these affirmations are ever present.

If you wish to make a gum paste Passion Flower as seen below, go here for the cutter, and here for the Passion leaf veiner:

Hope they have a positive effect in helping to remove some fear from your life.

Scott Clark Woolley

Positive affirmation cards.