Customer reviews of "The Heart of Cake Decorating" & "The Amazing Art of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers"
Here are just a few of the comments by happy customers who are glad they bought this video:

Hi Scott. :) I have had a lovely time looking at your two dvd's. Learned a lot, and got a bit safer on my own work. I have now both of your dvd's, your book and some of your cutters. And in a way you have become my mentor in the way of cakes. It is helpful in every way. Elin Rajadurai - Oslo, Norway

I am really enjoying the newest video and the gum paste kit.  The videos, both first and second, are "the next best thing to being there." Thank you. Sharon Winn

I am an accomplished sugar artist.  I questioned you (Scott) if the DVD's would contain information that could assist me in continuing my education.  I'm pleased to say, I'm very happy I ordered both DVD's. Within the first minutes, I had learned something new! Thanks, Scott. Elizabeth Stanley -

Hi Scott,   I got your DVD yesterday and put it on right away....I have been baking for so many years and  watching the tape I saw quite a few mistakes I make......I really enjoyed it......... Thanks Again, Jenny

We loved it! Harriet and I are thrilled for you and the wonderful work you produced in your cake art instructional DVD and the accompanying musical compositions. No wonder it took a whole year to produce! It is so rich with thoughtful and encouraging aphorisms, lovely examples, wonderful effects, and genuine heartfelt love for you subject and the audience. The music is quite enchanting and works well with the DVD and by itself. And what don't you do in this masterpiece?                      Love, Andrew and Harriet

You are a GREAT teacher.  Just that one class (and your great DVD) is the only training I've had, and I am so pleased with what I've been able to accomplish. Jo Taylor

Hi Scott I must tell you how much I loved both your DVD'S I have already watched both of them twice. Please send me an email when you have anymore DVD's available. You can definitely count me in.Thanks, Candice Brown

I watched your video on gum paste flowers yesterday, and am now very inspired. Thank you, Kelly Hildebrandt

Hi Scott- I received both of your DVD's last week--love them. They are a wonderful enhancement to your book! Being able to see how you organize and work with the sugar pieces and prepare the cake for decoration will be an invaluable tool for me. Melody Horvet

Dear Mr.Woolley, I received the DVDs in the mail earlier today. I was so excited. I have already watched them and loved them. You are a remarkable patient, kind, and so eager to share. Thank you for everything. I will most certainly be buying some of your products very soon. They really helped. I figured out a lot of the mistakes I was making.  Dona Gerardu

Hi Scott, It has been about a year since we last talked.  I just want to let you know how much I have enjoyed all of your products.  The best money I ever spent was on your CD. Barbie Thomas

Thank you again for all your inspiraton. I'm very grateful to own both of your DVD/Videos (I could go on and're my hero)  Maria Alfieri

Good Morning, I would also like to add what a wonderful dvd, it really capture the definition of step-by-step.  After watching it, i went and set up my laptop in the kitchen and prepare dough right along with you. It was a wonderful experience. Marisol Cuevas

I love the DVD I have and find it extremely helpful so I know I will be purchasing additional ones. Kathy Corlew

Dear Scott, I can't wait to see your new video. I have the first one and treasure it. I think this new one will be really helpful to me, as the thing I have a lot of trouble with is making a professional looking fondant or frosting covered base to start with. I tell everyone about you and your book. I have so many cake decorating books, and I'm really struck not only by your artistry, but by the amazing generosity you show in sharing your techniques. So many other books don't really teach you the artist's methods. It's like they don't want to give away their trade secrets. I think the sign of a real artist is being willing to share and pass on your gifts. So thank you again for all you've shared with your students. I hope one day to be able to take a class with you in person again! All my best, Julie