Newest Silicone Veiners and Molds for Gum Paste Sugar Flowers!
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Ruler to the right of each picture is marked in centimeters. (2.54 cm equals 1 inch)
Anemone flower center maker in silicone. Gum paste anemone flowers by Scott Clark Woolley.
#V70 - Anemone Center Maker - mold of three sizes and types $14
Stamens needed: #S3-SR yellow or black; #S3-LR may be used also.
Go to Anemone cutter Instructions: Book
Makes the botanically accurate center shape ball or softy pointed cone in a flash!
Silicone mold fo Anturium Spadix in three sizes. Sugar Anthurium by Scott Clark Woolley
Stamens required: none
#V71 - Anthurium Spadix - three sizes - $16
Instructions: DVD #5 or Book
#V86 - Mini Anthurium Spadix - $10
Go to Anthurium cutter
Silicone molds for anemone flower in clay or sugar. Sugar Coneflower by Scott Clark Woolley
#V72 - Coneflower/Daisy Center - three sizes - $14
Instructions: Book Stamens required: none Go to Daisy cutter
#V88 - Crab - $21
Dogwood center maker in silicone. Gum paste Dogwood by Scott Clark Woolley Dogwood petal veiner for cold porcelain or gum paste.
#V73 - Dogwood Center Maker - three sizes - $12 #V85 - Dogwood Petal veiner - $14
Stamens required: none Go to Dogwood cutter Instructions: PDF

Silicone molds for Magnolia flower center. Sugar Magnolia by Scott Clark Woolley
#V74 - Magnolia Center Maker - three sizes - $18 Go to Magnolia cutter
Stamens required: S3-FT yellow(optional) Instructions: PDF
Passion Flower Center Maker for Stamens and stigma and ovary. Passion Flower in gum paste by Scott Clark Woolley Passion Flower symbolism: Represents the Passion of Jesus of Nazareth.

Sepals and petals - the ten loyal disciples

Spikey corolla - the crown of thorns

Stamens - the five wounds

Red Stigma - the three nails

Five-fingered leaf - the hand of Man

Blossom lasts only one day, opening and closing

It is the plant which produces Passion fruit.

#V75 - Passion Flower Center Maker - four parts: ovary, stigma, stamen stem and anther tip - $10
Stamens required: none Instructions: PDF Go to Passion Flower cutter
Silicone Poppy center maker by Cakes By Design. Poppy in gum paste by Scott Clark Woolley
#V76 - Poppy Center Maker - 3 sizes - $12 Go to Poppy cutter
Stamens required: S3-LR yellow or black Instructions: Book
Six New mushroom and toadstool molds! Instructions: Book
Large buttom mushroom silicone mold. Large spotted toadstool silicone mold for clay or sugar or chocolate.
#V77 - Large Button Mushroom - $14 #V79 - Large Spotted Toadstool - $16
Small buttom mushroom silicone molds for clay or sugar or chocolate. Small silicone mold for spotted toadstool.
#V78 - Small Button Mushroom - $12
#V80 - Small Spotted Toadstool - $14
Small silicone mold fo parasol mushrooms.
Large Parasol Mushroom mold in silicone.
Add a touch of whimsy to your cake designs! #V81 - Large Parasol Mushroom - $18 #V82 - Small Parasol Mushroom - $16

Raspberry and blackberry silicone molds by Scott Clark Woolley of Cakes by Design.
#V83 - Berry Makers - $18 The molds produce a look so natural, they will fool anyone thinking they are real fruit!
Crocus petal silicone veiner. Sugar Crocus flower.
#V84 - Crocus Petal - $10

Instructions: PDF
Stamens required: #S3-FT yellow Go to Crocus cutter
Tulip center Maker for clay or sugar art.
#V92 - Tulip Center Maker - $14

Silicone feather texture devixes for creating lifelike feathers in clay and sugar. Daphne leaf veiners for clay or gum paste. Ranunculus and Pppy lef veiner in silicone for clay and sugar. To place an order, click here!
#V93 - Feather Veiners - $16

#V94 - Daphne Leaf - $6

#V95 - Ranunculus & Poppy Leaf - $10

Jonqiuil petal veiner in silicone. Poppy & Ranunculus petal veiner in silicone.
#V96 - Small Daffodil - $12

#V97 - Daffodil - $14

#V98 - Poppy & Ranunculus petal - $12

Peony petal veiner in silicone for beautiful lifelike flowers. Silicone Lotus petal veiner for a lifelike aquatic beauty. Silicone mold for making a lifelike Lotus flower center.
#V99 - Peony Petal - $12

#V100 - Lotus Petal - $12

#V101 - Lotus Pod Maker - $14

Lotus Pad veiner in silicone. Beak and birdie feet silicone designed by Scott Clark Woolley.
#V102 - Lotus Pad Veiner - $14

#V103 - Beaks & Birdie Feet - 3 sizes of beaks with large and small legs with claws - $21
Amaryllis petal veiner
Click on the Sea Horses above to see them gallop away to show you my new line of sea creature molds! Click on photo above to hop along with froggy to see my woodland creature molds
#V104 - Amaryllis Petal Veiner - $14

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