The finest quality flower stamens in the world!

Enjoy perusing this new and extensive selection of flower stamens that I offer, excellent for adding botanical details to gum paste and cold porcelain sugar flowers, as well as, any other art form which celebrates the Floral Kingdom.

When emailing me your list of stamens that you wish to purchase, simply select, copy and paste the item numbers that are below in purple, along with your color choice and quantity.

For instance, if you wanted to order two of the tiny yellow type in the first picture, just type: #S3-TR Yellow x 2

Enjoy making your work more artful with beautifully made Japanese stamens.

Tiny flowers stamens
#S3-TR : (tiny round tip) White, Yellow-tipped, Yellow, Orange, Brown-tipped, Brown, & Black $3.50 each.(288 heads) Be aware these tiny stems are weak for inserting into sugar dough. They need to be wrapped to wire. To place an order, click here!
medium flower stamens large flower stamens
#S3-SR : (small round tip) White, Cream,Yellow, Pink, Blue, Lavender-tipped, Green, Bronze, Red & Black $3.50 each. (288 heads) Stems are strong enough for insertion. #S3-LR : (large round tip) White, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Red & Black $3.50 each. (288 heads)
Baby's Breath flowers stamens extra large round flower stamens
long tip flower stamens
#S3-LT : (long tip) White, Yellow, Pink-tipped $3.50 each. (288 heads) #S3-BB : (Baby's Breath - Gypsophila) White & Yellow $5 each. (288 heads) #S3-XLR : (extra large round tip) White only $3.50 each.
folded tip flower stamens pointed flower stamens
#S3-FT : (folded tip) White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Brown, & Black $3.50 each. (288 heads) #S3-PT : (pointed tip) White & Yellow in small; White, Pale Yellow & Yellow in large $3.50 each. (288 heads)
medium Lily flower stamens fuzzy Lily flower stamens
#S3-ML : (medium lily tip) White, Yellow & Brown $6 each. (144 heads) #S3-Fuzzy Yellow Lily . $7 each (288 heads) #S3-Fuzzy Orange Lily . $4.50 each (144 heads)
extra large lily flower stamens Long brown tipped flower stamens
#S3-LBT : (long brown tip) $4.50 each (144 heads) #S3-LFT : (long fuzzy, plum-colored tip) $6 each (144 heads)
#S3-XLL : (extra large lily tip) White, Yellow & Brown $6 each. (144 heads)
Gold, silver & berry flower stamens pearl flower stamens
#S3-Gold (288 heads); #S3-Silver (288 heads); #S3-Berry (144 heads) All three types, $3.50 each #S3-PEARL : (pearl tip) large, medium & small (288 heads) $3.50 each.
These are the finest stamens made in the world! Collect up various sizes, shapes and colors so that when you are ready to make any flower, you have the proper, botanically accurate flower part to add realistic detail to your sugar art.