Cakes by Design Series of Instructional DVDs...huge sale!
DVD #7 - "Holiday Flowers In Sugar" only $49!
Two years in the making, DVD#7 is now available! These sugar art lessons happen to be my most requested that I ever taught in my school, "The Academy of Cake Art" in New York City.

Now that I am no longer teaching hands on classes, my DVDs like this one are an even better way to learn this art form and practice in it. A class is one time, but DVDs ingrain the knowledge powerfully! Price for this three disc set, 3 hours long, is only $49 ($180 off $229)

Holiday Flowers DVD#7 Kit
DVD #7 Kit - $220 ($24 off $244)
DVD #6 - 3 disc set- "Cake Art Business"
In this DVD set, four years in the making, I share 31 years of experience selling cakes for a living. You will quickly make back your investment with even your first customer, learning how to get a higher commission for your cake designing.

Price for this three hour lecture and cake photo gallery is $130 off, now only $49! A steal!

Let me saving you years of discovery on your own.
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DVD #5 - 3 disc set entitled "Tropical Flowers In Sugar"
Scott Clark Woolley teaches sugar art classes.

The rewarding flowers covered in this three disc set are Alstroemeria, Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Gloriosa Lily & Hibiscus.

Discover the secrets for sculpting and painting in gum paste these very unique botanical favorites. Then impress everyone with your new skills.

Have fun with me exploring the tropical world of sugar art!

Scott Clark Woolley

Retail price for this exciting three hour DVD set is $229. Sale price now only $49 ($180 off $229)

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DVD-5 Kit These kit prices are 10-15 % off the retail price when you buy any sugar flower DVD!
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DVD #5 Kit - $148 ($17 off $165)
DVD #4 - Two volume, 4 disc set entitled, "Garden Flowers In Sugar with Sugar Critters"
This digitally mastered DVD set contains within its four hour running time, 28 hours of my gum paste sugar flower and insect classes including my lesson on gum paste insects.

All that learning is distilled down into this two volume, four disc set of instructional step-by-step lessons which leaves nothing unsaid from bud to full blown flower and leaves.

Expand your knowledge faster than you can even dream with this comprehensive collection of 11 garden flowers and 3 insects including the magnificent gum paste butterfly.

Beginners would find it illuminating and advanced sugar artists fascinating.

Each volume may be bought separately for $69. Both volumes together originally $349. Sale price of each volume thru December 2016, only $49! That's $98 for both sets ($251 off its original price of $349)

DVD-4 Kit
DVD #4 - Kit $407 ($45 off $452)
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Volume I - Daisy, Pansy, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Iris & Hydrangea.

Volume II - Foxglove, Bleeding Heart, Clematis, Morning Glory, & Cosmos along with Bumblebee, Ladybug & Butterfly.

DVD #3 - Two disc set entitled, "Sugar Orchids"
"Sugar Orchids" DVD
DVD-3 Kit
This inspiring 2 disc set on the exquisite Orchid family, sculpted in sugar, will transform your gum paste abilities while exploring these classic floral favorites: Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Phalaenopsis, Oncidium & Vanda Orchids.

The knowledge that can be gained in this two hour movie is priceless! Now only $49! ($150 off $199)

You will feel like you are sitting right next to me in class. learn to make natural looking wedding flowers like these and impress everyone with the loveliness of your work.

DVD #3 - Kit $95 ($11 off $106)
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DVD #2 - "The Heart of Cake Decorating - Baking, Icing, Piping & Rolled Fondant."
Quickly improve the look of your cakes with all my help from 30 years of experience with custom cakes. Save yourself years of exploration in one fell swoop with this rewarding DVD set!

Learn everything I know about making a professional looking decorated cake from start to finish with this thorough two disc set on the fundamentals of top-of-the-line custom cakes. This expansive information is great for beginners as well as advanced students who wish to clean up their decorating act, so to speak.

Every aspect of creating a beautifully presented cake is included such as techniques for sugaring a cake board with royal icing floodwork. Of course too, I show how to frost with buttercream smoothly and make rolled fondant from scratch. Save money by learning to make it properly yourself. It's fresher, works and tastes better too than the bought kind!

Furthermore, there are baking hints, frosting lessons in buttercream and rolled fondant along with piping skills while I decorate two cakes to completion.

As I said before, when I filmed this careful two hour movie, I tried to include all that I know to help one create a lovely presentational cake One literally can start a custom cake business with the essential cake decorating knowledge that is contained within.

Retail price for this two disc set is $199. Sale price $150 off, now only $49!

DVD #1 - "The Amazing Art of Gum Paste Sugar Flowers"
Start off on the right foot with this delightful art form of sugar flowers with my first DVD which teaches the important flowers: Tea Rose, Rubrum Lily, Cattleya Orchid & smaller filler flowers demonstrated with and without a cutter.

Basic technique is covered as well as thoroughly fascinating painting and sculpting knowledge for such varieties as the exquisite Oriental Lily.

Included too is a thorough lesson on how to make my handy gum paste sugar dough to make the most lifelike of sugar flowers.

Evolve your abilities quickly and effortlessly with this extremely helpful DVD on sugar flowers!

Now only $49! ($80 off $149)

DVD-1 Kit
DVD #1 Kit - $402 ($45 off $447)
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