Placemat Boards
When ordering board, please list in order of preference, three color numbers shown below.
#E1 - PLACEMAT BOARD - $39 The ideal working surface for gum paste: non-slip rubber back, firm Lucite board in between, smooth vinyl, foam-backed top for clean cutting....much better than a hard surface like the common plastic board. Try it. You'll love it! Cannot guarantee availability of any particular color. 9" x 11" (23 x 28 cm)
#1-brown, #2-pale yellow, #3-maroon, #4-deep pink, #5-orange
Foam Pad Foam Block
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#E2 - FOAM PAD - $6 Very smooth firm foam for working petals and leaves. 4 1/2" square. #E3 - FOAM BLOCK - $19 Wood block with foam pad top. Air-floating edges make for easy access when ruffling petals.
cup and cone formers for shaping sugar flowers.
#E4 -FLOWER FORMER - $6 each - Specify which type. Cone and cup molds for shaping flowers.
Round cup former is used for Poppy, Peony, Christmas ornaments, tiny bowls, etc. Small cone former is used for Daisy, Briar Rose, Hydrangea and countless others. Large cone former is used for all varieties of Lily, Hibiscus, Orchids, etc.
The best cotton-covered, floral, millinery wire you can buy! Will not rust! New ultra-fine 34 gauge now available!
Finest floral wire , cotton covered for gum paste or millinery work. The finest floral wire in 34 gauge in white and green.
#S1 - WHITE & GREEN FLORAL WIRE - $4 per bundle - cotton covered, 12" lengths, galvenized, rust free, in guages 18, 20 22, 24, 26. 28, 30 & 34. Specify gauge and color when purchasing.
Quantity of wire in each gauge bundle:

34 gauge: 130 count -130 feet (New ultra fine!)

30 gauge: 120 count -120 feet

28 gauge: 100 count - 100 feet

26 gauge: 60 count - 80 feet

24 gauge: 60 count - 60 feet

22 gauge: 40 count - 40 feet

20 gauge: 30 count - 30 feet

18 gauge: 20 count - 20 feet

NEW! Always wanted stems that look "sticky" for your gum paste flowers? Here is the perfect solution for Baby's Breath, fall foliage, and a host of others!
#S1-B - Brown Floral Wire - 26 gauge only - 12 inch length (30.5cm), paper covered, 90 count-90 feet in a bundle - $5
Floral tape in Brown, light green & white. palettes
#S2 - FLORAL TAPE - $2 per roll 1/2" wide- specify white, light green or brown.
#E5 -PALETTES - Size A - single cup $1
Size B - small 6 cup $2
Size C - Circular 10 well palette with dust cover lid - $5
Brushes #E6 - BRUSHES - round $6, flat $6, or detail $4.50

Synthetic bristles.

Never use animal fur to create art! Heart wouldn't like it.

Gum Tragacanth #S4 - GUM TRAGACANTH POWDER - grade A - for gum paste. 4oz. $16

8oz. $30,

16oz. $58

(unlimted shelf life...finest vegetable gum for sugar dough. (Stronger and smoother than Tylose)
#S5-A - GELATIN - AGAR POWDER - 4oz $10, 8oz. $19, 16oz. $36 (unlimted shelf life) Vegan substitute for animal gelatin -
Agar powder is the healthiest and finest gelatin alternative for all gelatin recipes. It is 3 times more concentrated than Agar Flakes. Often selling for $50-70 per pound, I offer this vegan powdered gelatin at an excellent price. Go here for my new Vegan Gum Paste Recipe!
This gelatin goes a long way. Only 4 teaspoons are used in my gum paste recipe, a very small amount to pay for the best sugar dough that you will ever use! It also helps gum paste stay hard in warm humid climates!
Why choose Agar Powder above over animal gelatin? Click here to listen to my audio essay on Veganism, entitled, "We Are What We Eat."
#S9 - PASTELS - $17 (non-toxic) - 24 colors when shaved, alternate for petal dust.