As 2009 came to a close, an analysis of all the month's Astrological Sign was completed: Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio and Sagittarius. Click on the symbol's icon to read about each archetype imagery.

Please keep in mind that if your birthday lands during the last third of a month, it is called being on the cusp of two signs. One needs to combine qualities of both signs that touch in order to see the exact hue of each person. There are simply a myriad more than just twelve colors in the full blending spectral rainbow of Man as displayed around the Zodiac wheel.

And too, these Sun signs only represent the fundamental nature of each soul. One needs to look at the complete Natal Birth Chart to see a clearer picture of the reflection or mirror in symbols of the personality, inner and outer, Higher and Lower Self.

Enjoy! Scott Clark Woolley

I Am Still an Aquarian

As many of you know, there was quite an astral controversy in the news this past year 2011. I have been asked by many of my students and customers what I think about this unsettling astrological issue. It began with astronomer Parke Kunkle's assertion, that there are actually 13 Zodiac signs instead of 12, including Ophiuchus, pronounced, "Oh-fee-you-kus."

Ophiuchus is a star constellation, of a mythic healer who wrestled a serpent. This astronomer's calculations suggest to him that over a two thousand year period, the stars shift their position in relation to the Earth approximately one month, thus changing everyone's birth symbol to the one sign earlier on the Zodiac wheel. What this scientist does not understand is that Astronomy and Astrology are two very different sciences.

Astronomy covers the exact position of the astral bodies. However, Astrology is a study of the seasonal cycles of the Earth, even though it involves too, planetary and star bodies in its analysis of human consciousness.

Earth's seasonal cycles do not change in the way the stars shift positions over time.

What is Astrology? Astrology is what is called an "Occult Science." The word "occult" has nothing to do with the word "cult." The term "occult" is ancient and refers to anything that reveals a "hidden meaning" through archetype symbolism.

Thus, Palmistry, I Ching, Tarot & Numerology are all the Occult Sciences; For they reveal hidden truth and meaning of life all veiled in symbolism.

All the Occult Sciences were created eons ago and brought down from the Spirit Plain. In actuality, that channeling of information has occurred many times in Man's history. As epochs waxed and waned, these sciences were discovered and then lost again and again.

They were created for human spirits to more fully understand the lessons and learning that is planned for the soul's experience while on Earth. Since Spirit, which includes each person's soul, cannot speak directly to the lower, incarnated self, this symbolic science uses archetype imagery to reveal the hidden journey that each spirit takes upon themselves during their earthly adventure.

Any picture symbol offers much to analyze. Or more succinctly put, "A picture is worth more than a thousand words," as one Ascended Master, Confucius, once said.

Now having define what is an Occult Science, like Astrology, one must understand that this matrix of symbolism given to Humanity is there to describe the cycles of human growth which are in tandem with the seasonal cycles of the Earth.

For instance, Kunkle would assert that those who think of themselves as Aries are really Pisces because of the star shift over an extended period of time. That is simply not true. For Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac in symbol form reflecting the bursting forth of renewal of the Spring Equinox. If you know any Aries, you know very well them to be full of abundance of great male energy of doing. 

Aries is also called "The Manifestor."For with this abundant renewal energy, the Aries, a Fire sign in touch with the spiritual overview, brings into form new things that Spirit wishes to create. This bringing new things into form, is mirrored by the vibrant growth of plants and fertility of animals at this very specific time of year, late March and April.

One could go on and on around the Zodiac and describe very specifically how each sign's placement is in perfect alignment with the exact seasonal quality present at that time of year. But that would make this essay quite long.

One other more practical reason that the Zodiac has not changed is that Spirit needs these symbols to be consistent.

It is difficult enough training and teaching Humanity of the symbolism, especially with all the confused misjudgments against Astrology by the human Ego often based from religious dogma.

Therefore, to have the symbols changing because of astronomical shift that are continually occurring would not accomplish the desired effect of teaching consciousness.

In today's culture, there is a common smug viewpoint that Astrology is foolish and has no useful purpose.

The only thing foolish and wasteful is an arrogant soul who ignores these enlightened and revealing symbols.

Many religious fundamentalists even think  that it is devil worship or evil. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Even historical figures like the Ascended Master and Jewish Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, taught the Occult Sciences. For all rabbis in those days, it was part of their training, to study the ancient teachings from the Kabbalah, which included symbolism of all kinds including Astrology and Numerology.

The primary symbol that this world teacher used to represent his group of followers was the sign of Pisces, the fish, drawn in the sand to avoid the onlooking of Roman guards. For Jesus of Nazareth, was the way-shower of the 2000 year period that we are now ending, the Age of Pisces, also called the Age of Sorrow.

The last sign of the Zodiac is Pisces, revealing its occult, hidden truth, the act of giving up the self for others. Pisces is the martyr, as this great figure exampled, who has learned on the soul level to service the "One."

So if many of you enjoy studying yourselves through occult learning, be at peace again. You are the sign that you have always thought yourself to be. No misunderstood hype from the media regarding a scientist's foolish notion that Astronomy and Astrology are somehow aligned in all ways will change that.

Many of you intuitively already knew his assertion was false from your own personal awareness and gut feeling. It is from my prospective a shame too that this news story will only encourage foolish skeptics and shy seekers away from this enlightened knowledge. Let's hope not.

Maybe though, the discussion about this astronomer's misguided theory will help in some way bring some people forward who wouldn't have otherwise been exposed to the study of this ancient science of symbolism.

End transmission.

This calming piece is entitled, "Star Clustered Reaches" from my CD, "Vibrating Heart".
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