DVD #5 - Now available, my exciting three disc set on tropical gum paste sugar flowers!

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Hi! Scott here, presenting my DVD-#5, "Tropical Flowers In Sugar". This colorful three hour long instructional video is now available for purchase!

The rewarding flowers covered in this three disc DVD set are Alstroemeria, Anthurium, Bird of Paradise, Gloriosa Lily & Hibiscus.

Discover the secrets for sculpting and painting in gum paste these very unique botanical favorites. Then impress everyone with your new skills.

I am very proud of the results of the filming. Thank you everyone who continues to support these DVD productions! I am having a ball creating them and sharing the info so easily through the helpful DVD format.

Strelitzia Regenae - a Bird of Paradise in sugar.
Retail: $229; Sale price $159, $70 off!

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All DVD sets 1 thru 6, now only $900, originally $1324, discounted $424 off.

And the four gum paste kits of equipment, now only $900, originally $1061, discounted $161 off.

Therefore, Cakes By Design's complete set of DVDs and equipment only $1800, a total savings of $561!

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Retail price for this 3 disc set is $229.
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