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DVD#5 "Tropical Flowers In Sugar" with Scott Clark Woolley
Attaching sugar dough to the "petiole" to thicken the stalk of thegum paste Bird of Paradise. DVD#5 "Tropical Flowers In Sugar" kit of equipment. DVD#5 Kit - $402 ($45 off $447).

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One of the more exciting, yet challenging sugar flowers to sculpt and paint, is the Bird of Paradise. Let me permanetly take the perplexity out of this bird of the jungle for you. Four other colorful varieties are also taught: Anthurium, Astroemeria, Hibiscus and the trully glorious, Gloriosa Lily! Here, I am attaching sugar dough to the stem to thicken it before covering it with green paste to form the "petiole", the sheath or covering that joins a leave to its stalk.

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