Uranus In Pisces -

A Celestial Event Transformative

This essay's "astral projection" relates an important astrological event involving a planetary retrograde which has just occurred, Thursday, June 26, 2008, at 8:01 PM EDT. At that moment, the planet Uranus, while in the sign of Pisces, went into retrograde until November 27, 2008.

Reflected worldwide, this powerful planet's transit into retrograde will have quite a transformative effect on the very near future of the Earth as I will attempt to explain.

For those who have trouble imagining that any planetary movement, as displayed symbolically through the Astrological matrix, has an effect on us both internally or externally, I will simply say this basic truth about reality. Both humans and planets are beings who are physically and inter-dimensionally connected. 

It is through these other plains of existence as well as in the physical, that these immense astral bodies of consciousness are able to directly influence behavior of both the Earth and the souls that govern it as well as the inhabitants who live upon it. That is simply a fact. 

The biblical quote, "There are many mansions in my Father's house," reveals the truth metaphorically. Mansions, meaning dimensions, was simply an easier concept to grasp for people of biblical times.

Scientists have for years been only able to measure physical reality, but now more recently are tapping into the many dimensions of creation that exist in the Universe. We, naive humans are looking at the dense physical form of planets but not at their etheric state of being which stretches inter-dimensionally just as we do to our soul. Besides gravitational pull in the physical plain, there are many other intrinsic forces emanating from these immense astral beings functioning from higher realms.

Let me first relate some important qualities of the planet, Uranus, to help illuminate what that astral body's transit might symbolically mean for our Earth experience. 

This planetary sphere of consciousness governs the sign of Aquarius, the futurist, the symbol of the Water Bearer, the one who kindly pours out his jug of feelings and creativity to uplift humanity. An Aquarian is the fixed, maverick of the Zodiac, always marching to his own drum.

The color associated with this sign is the "Purple Ray" representing the Mind, blue, mixing with the pink of Heart. Aquarius is that stage of Man's development when he finally will be combining those light elements instead of just leading with the fearful, cold, blue state of the Mind as most humans do. 

Aquarius, just to share, happens to be also my own personal Sun sign being born on February 9, 1955. 

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Uranus - (Pronounced, Your'-uh-nus, not Your-ay'-nus, as so many think) also governs the element of electricity. The symbol for Aquarius, is the zigzag line or lightening bolt. BothThomas Edison and Benjamin Franklin who helped us understand the nature of electricity were born under this philosophical inventive sign. Benjamin Franklin was too quite a unique personality (born actually on the cusp of Aquarius) viewing reality always in a new light and with quite an inventive and quirky prospective.
An Aquarian with the characteristic, often lofty, aloof, mental approach to life, which taps into the "airwaves" of mystical abilities and philosophy, often experiences a lightening bolt or light bulb moment which will transform reality for the rest of humanity once brought into form. In other words, this type of consciousness is able to bring future events and inventions to the whole from higher realms.

The lightening bolt symbol on Harry Potter's forehead in that Uranian-type series of books also implied a higher consciousness of inventiveness for that advanced character.

One way the trait of the maverick is exemplified by the governing planet of Aquarius, Uranus, is the manner in which the poles of the planet are situated. North and South poles of all other planets in this solar system are stationed vertically, but in the case of Uranus, the poles are horizontally located, like our Equator. The planet therefore appears to be laying on its side. That structure is quite "unique," the appropriate adjective for anyone who is born under the sign of Aquarius. 

Most artists and writers who predict in words or art forms, new forms of the future, are born under this sign of the revolutionist. That is why two important transformative presidents too, Washington and Lincoln, were born under this Sun sign. They were meant to bring in a new order and break with old systems and beliefs.

Jules Verne, February 8, 1828, an Aquarian as well, was able to tap into plains of existence that are actually helping to form the future here on Earth. These "Air Sign" people, meaning of the Mind, are able to mentally connect with higher frequencies and higher realm information in order to help lead humanity to its next stage of development.

The "Age of Aquarius" is a two thousand year period which began in the late twentieth century, initiated symbolically and artfully with the 60's pop song, "Aquarius." It was made popular by the singing group, the "Fifth Dimension". 

By ironic coincidence, the song prophetically describes  the "Age of Aquarius" as a time when we will be able to finally control of our minds and emotions in order to raise the Earth and its vibrational level up out of fear from the 3rd dimension density to the lighter, loving, fifth dimensional reality that is the Spirit Plain. 

At that time, "Heaven on Earth" will exist once again and the "Garden of Eden" will be gradually reestablished and restored to its original beauty as it once was long ago. As the song says, when "Harmony and understanding..sympathy and trust abounding. No more falsehoods or derision..golden living dreams of vision...mystic crystal revelations...and the Mind's true liberation... Aquarius!"

Astrological symbol for Uranus
Now to explain more about the Pisces symbol and then I will show how these two aspects in alignment, Uranus in Pisces, will have great influence on forming the immediate future on the Earth as well as having a transformative effect on its people.

Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the zodiac is the advanced consciousness which understands deeply that all life is one being expressing itself as separate entities. That uncommon belief precludes that self sacrifice is therefore a necessary part of taking care of the whole when the "needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one," to quote a "Star Trek" axiom. Being the true martyr is therefore the highest demand or challenge that can be asked of the self, the final and twelfth lesson of the Zodiac.

The previous two thousand years, the "Age of Pisces," was therefore way-showered by the cross symbol of sacrifice. The sign of Pisces, the fish, was also used by early Christian societies as their symbol to hide from Roman prosecution. Ancient Christians, stemming from  Rabbinical tradition, understood quite well the arch-type Piscean symbol deeper than what, generally speaking, most religious teachers of today are willing to accept as its significance.

Jesus of Nazareth, who was a rabbi, the primary way-shower of the Piscean Age, being the greatest of all who have expressed self sacrifice, is fundamentally associated with the symbol of the fish, being for us all, the true Piscean symbol of the martyred sacrifice for the whole.

The ruling sphere of consciousness and symbol for Pisces is Neptune, God of the Sea in mythic form, representing watery feelings so deep and murky as to be unclear and hard to sort out...consciousness that can therefore be caught in illusion and delusion of the past from those emotions held in denial. 

A human born under the sign of Pisces has primarily one main issue to work though in dense form and that is to feel its denial deeply, therefore releasing and cleansing the darkness from the self in order to raise the soul up out of fear and into light.

A life path with at least one period of time in which a person finds them self "releasing their demons in the desert" is therefore a necessary experience to accomplish that. A time in the "desert" simply implies symbolically a period of time involving limits, often reflected by lack of money in this  Earth plain, which challenges the self to trust, have hope and develop faith.

Through self sacrifice in past life experiences, a Pisces personality chose to avoid expressing the feelings, often because of a concern for others. As a result, this "Water Sign" consciousness, meaning, feelings oriented or feminine, tends to hold onto sorrow or anger rather than express it out to the "One." Being sensitive to "His" feelings, this type of caring individual may think it is too painful or smothering to let go and truly feel it all. Or, the concern to keep in denial may stem from a mental belief that to express the deepest Neptunian feelings would be too harsh to "bare" to others, or even just too harsh to "bear." 

The planetary body of Neptune also governs such art forms as the film and movie industry, one film frame dissolving into the next like the deep waters of the sea altering reality and sometimes fooling us. 

Neptune takes the old form and washes it away to form the new as does a crashing wave on the beach destroys a sandcastle for us to begin again. An example of this trait in physical manifestation recently is how we have seen intense flooding not often seen for centuries throughout the world. The sudden melting of the ice caps and glaciers is another example of one form changing into another bringing deeper seas.

h Astrological symbol for the planet Neptune
Neptune is so immense, if it were hollow, it could hold 60 of our Earths.
Now to finally get back to the original Uranian signpost, its recent retrograde in Pisces.

A retrograde is simply a backward movement of a planetary body from our Earth prospective.

With Uranus in Pisces for the next 3 years or so until 2011, the planet will be instrumental in reforming on Earth a new reality for a better future. But in that reforming, especially during its retrogrades, we need to allow a dissolve of some of the old forms. So with this retrograde until the Fall, Uranus will be going back and clarifying and retracing and redoing old forms that need to wash away for the greatest good. 

In November, the current period of cleansing will have been accomplished and a new better reality will be formed. It seems that even our presidential election is more than likely timing out to be a revolutionary change by November of 2008.

In a nut shell, the futurist, the planet Uranus, with the help of the mutable quality of Pisces, is transforming reality for the next four-five months especially those things which have been neglected and need to be taken care of before we can proceed to the next challenge.

So look for this time as a revamping, re-orchestrating, and creative time to explore "brave new worlds" that we have only dreamt of in our wildest dreams.

Why do I share all this some of you may ask? Probably some of you have even thought too that Scott has gone of the mystical deep end. I assure you, that I have not. 

My answer is because, as things revolutionize, suddenly change, or exterior uncontrollable events abruptly altar reality, try not to resist this necessary change. For these happenstances are very necessary and are only bringing a better future. 

Aquarius, governed by Uranus, is the optimist, who believes in brotherhood, always trying to help his fellow man improve his lot by attempting to remove old fears in order to one day approach a Utopian society that is the Aquarian ideal. That would not be a perfected, dull, controlled society as some have imagined, but one of challenge, love and personal growth in spirit leading the self to transcend physical reality.

End transmission