"We Are What We Eat"
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If you are not open to changing your eating habits, then may I suggest you stop reading or listening to this essay and this enlightened excerpt from one of my favorite channeled works, called "Seasons of the Spirit," by Maurice B. Cooke.

What altered my belief about the need to consume meat for sustenance were several channeled works that had been brought down from Spirit revealing the fundamental truth about animal consumption, including especially, a passage from this book. In past essays, I have mentioned some truths about meat eating from that book and have gotten some very defensive responses from people who felt I was judging them for their animal consumption. I myself spent most of my life eating meat, so I first wish to say that. However, in 1988, at the age of 33, immediately after reading this book, I became a vegan (pronounced Vee'-gun), which means, I chose to no longer eat animal products of any kind including dairy or eggs. A vegetarian eats eggs and dairy, a vegan does not.

Since then I have returned to the egg as my only animal protein source. Otherwise, for 23 years, I have removed animal sources from my diet. So, instead of me passing the info this time in only my own words, I decided to share an excerpt from the book, (despite copyright issues). I am sure the author, Maurice B. Cooke, would want the info passed out any way it could be disseminated. So read the text below in blue to discover what one loving entity who guides Humanity's growth has to say about the truth of eating animal flesh.

"Peaceable Kingdom" - Hicks
Here is an excerpt from "Seasons of the Spirit" while discussing the symbolism of the structure of the eye:

"One of the most common scleric marks (the sclera is the white of the eye) in the present day is that of the yellowish patches which are found often on persons who consume large quantities of meat. These people are abusing their stomachs by requiring constant secretion of hydrochloric acid in order to allow the appropriate enzymes to break down the protein molecules in the meat. The over secretion of hydrochloric gradually turns the digestive tract into an acidic environment rather than an alkaline one, as it was meant to be, and the excess acid is taken into the physical body through the intestinal wall. This eventually results in the yellow patches on the sclera, but these also designate locations in the aetheric body [that which eventually forms the physical body] which have been weakened by the excessively protein-rich diet of a heavy meat eater.

The foregoing is one reason why those who eat large quantities of meat should carefully consider whether they should continue to do so. However, a far more compelling reason to curtail meat-eating, from a spiritual point of view, relates to the Law of Karma which we have already dealt with in some detail earlier in this book.

Upon the human race lies a great Karmic debt to the animal kingdom- a branch of life which was made lower than man and which was entrusted to his care in order that man could teach the animals, through kindness and through example, something of the lessons which that soul group are attempting to assimilate. But man has assumed that all things on this planet, are there but for his pleasure, to do with as he wishes. Man ransacks the earth's body for the mineral wealth that lies buried: he explodes devastating nuclear devices within the crust of the planet, never thinking of the pain this causes to the great Being on whose surface he resides; he devastates giant tracts of woodland for no better reason that to clear a space to walk; and-the greatest transgression of all- he massacres the superb animal life forms that were placed here to beautify his environment, so that he can fill his stomach with their carcasses.

This evil does not go unnoticed and soon retribution for this wanton slaughter must descend upon the human race. Yet, even without a specific time of karmic payment to discharge the weight of the millennia of carnage, the debt would all be set aside. The reason relates to the way in which eating of meat affects the physical body of man. To a great degree, this working out of karma for eating the animals is automatic. There are chemical and aetheric constituents of dead animal bodies to the human who consumes animal flesh, and these accumulations are vey harmful in terms of health. They speed aging and decay of tissues, they slow the brain, and coat the arteries, veins, lymph passages and digestive tract. The result is illness, early aging, early loss of vitality, and death at an age sooner that would be otherwise have been the case.

By suffering these extra illnesses and the early death each human who has eaten animal cadavers (and thus contributed to their death) fully sets aside his part of the Karma that arose with the death of the animals consumed.

The tragedy is that these illnesses, the rapid aging and the early death need not occur! In the new age about to break like a glorious dawn upon this planet, men will recognize their responsibility to the lesser animal kingdoms of life, and never again will an animal have to be sacrificed for the sake of hunger, or find a grave in the stomach of a human being.

Much of the responsibility for the carnage among the animals rest with those who actively seek to promote the eating of dead flesh. These few who have managed to convince most people that they must eat large quantities of animal protein in order to have a balanced diet. The false myth has been promulgated that man's body "loses" protein through daily activity, and that the loss must be replenished by eating animal flesh. Nothing could be further from the truth, for the human body is fully capable of recycling ALL of its protein, requiring additional protein only during the youth phase of rapid growth, and in the case of accidents. Of course, few in the western world could survive if they were abruptly to stop all protein intake, for their bodies have lost the ability to recycle any protein due to the large overdoses of protein that they have been taking for years. In effect, the body (specifically the liver) becomes "lazy" and ceases to work at recycling its own protein, knowing that it will receive a large quantity of outside protein to use instead.

However, it would be found by any who cared to make the test, that over a period of 12 to 18 months, the body's ability to recycle its own protein could gradually be reawakened, and that protein intake could eventually be cut to the equivalent of a mere 4 peanuts a day. Many could even do without this small amount, but we wish to allow for variations in metabolism, and certain congenital conditions which require a minima protein supplement on a daly basis.

Any who care to proceed with this dietary revision, and to gain health and vigor that it will certainly bring, should begin by dropping red meat from their diet. Only fish and fowl should be allowed for a period of two months, these being gradually replaced with dairy foods like cheese and eggs.

Periodic fasts should be taken for short durations, the safest fasts being those identified as juice fasts or fruit fasts.

Fasting is a highly individual matter, and the person seeking to fast without supervision should monitor himself carefully, and generally not overdo the process until some familiarity with it is achieved. We suggest a fast of no more than 3 to 4 days, no oftener than once every two months as a safe schedule to begin with.

After the white meat has been fully replaced by dairy foods, there will come a point in time when the dairy products give a sensation of "fullness" and surfeit when eaten. This is the signal from the body that the dairy products can begin to be reduced They can gradually be replaced with the "lighter" forms of vegetable protein, such as nuts and beans (sprouts).Those dairy products that may not give the full feeling can be continued, for example, milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, and the like.

By the time the experimenter has reached the latter stage, a marked improvement in his health and vitality should have made itself felt. For those in excellent health wishing to test the idea of 100% recycling, we recommend caution, and someone who is medically trained and sympathetic to these concepts. Because of the great abuses of diet which most who read this book have gone through, we do not recommend testing the "pure recycling" concept without careful monitoring and supervision.

This explanation given above for the scleric patches in the eye is understood by some medical practitioners, and it is a sad fact that several attempts to bring this connection ( and other dangers related to the eating of red meat) to the attention of the medical fraternity as a whole have been prevented by the meat packing industry, which in the United States exerts tremendous influence on the government and on those involved with health and medicine. This suppression will continue until people themselves realize the damage they are doing to their bodies by eating the cadavers of animals. There is a saying derived from the German: "man is what he eats," and this expresses an important truth about human metabolism.Unfortunately, many of those who recognize the validity of this saying have not seen that he who eats flesh is eating death. If one is what one eats, then surely the eating of death must bring death itself closer. This of course is exactly what happens when man consumes the flesh of an animal, as we have already explained.

We have digressed from the story of the symbolic meaning of the major body features because of the importance of bringing to the reader of this book an awareness of the dangers and the Karma which arise with the killing of animals for food. In the years ahead, gradual pressures will arise and turn people away from the consumption of red meat in particular, for it is red meat that is mainly prohibited by the higher laws. These pressures will be through higher meat prices, through scarcities in many areas, through increasing evidence that eating red meat is bad for one's health, or through a combination of these. It is expected eventually that the consumption of all animals for food will end."

End quote.

This is an excerpt from the book, "Seasons of the Spirit," an inspired, channeled work from ascended master, Hilarion, through medium, Maurice B. Cooke.

Furthermore, pardoning the paraphrase, I will try to add to the above information, two more important reasons to avoid the consumption of animals that were shared later in the book:

1. Any animal is polluted in our environment because it lives longer and has more chance to absorb pollutants, as compared to any other plant food source, that only takes one season to grow.

Animals require longer growth periods before harvesting their flesh. Hence they have plenty of time to absorb toxins and pollutants from the environment, as well as from the chemically enhanced food that they are fed to plump them up.

2. When animals are slaughtered they are in great pain and fear. Those emotions do not have a chance to be cleansed from their bodies since they are put to death. When one eats the flesh, one is eating their fear of death and the aggressive emotions stored in the meat that arise from the barbaric and cruel treatment of their last moment.

The Creator showing Adam & Eve Paradise - 16th century painting by Lucas
The result is an increase in aggressive behavior then for the human who consumes the remains of the animal.

A famous celebrity, who is thought of to be, frankly, very aggressive in nature, recently went vegetarian and spoke about this on TV. Confirming to what the book relates above, Mike Tyson, the fighter, said recently that after he stopped eating meat completely, he surprisingly noticed that he wasn't as angry and aggressive as he was when on an animal rich diet.

If World Heavyweight Boxer, Mike Tyson, could sense a change like that, anyone can!

In other words, when one consumes meat, besides the dense protein matter that is ingested, which is harmful to the body, one also consumes the greatest fear of a living being, that of the act of dying, when a slaughtered animal feels the life draining from his physical experience. Watch the movie, "Powder" and you will see this depicted artfully.

That is precisely why most people are in fear 24 hours of the day. "We are what we eat," and when one continually eats fear contained within all meat, the inevitable result is that one is always in a state of fear.

The warm-blooded animals feel pain and emotions just as humans do.

Cold-blooded creatures, like fish, respond to attack, yes, but do not go through the physical pain and emotional response as do warm blooded creatures when murdered. Their nervous system is completely different. Therefore, there is a big difference between the two families of animals when one is considering what to eat.

If you want help with changing to a fish and low dairy diet, buy these two very enlightened books: Annemarie Colbin's "Food and Healing" and her excellent cookbook, "The Book of Whole Meals."

This woman is founder of the NYC "Gourmet Cookery School". She understands food and how it affects the body better than anyone I have ever been exposed to on this subject.

Live long and prosper,


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