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Presenting my ever growing line of woodland creature~ silicone molds!

Red-Eyed Tree Frog in sugar. Red-Eyed Tree Frog silicone mold.
#V89 - Red-Eyed Tree Frog - $19

Having arms, legs and body molded separately, this lifelike mold makes for clean impression and flexibility of movement with this cute critter of the forest. If you want him hugging a tree, just glue leg parts to body while sugar dough is wet. If you wish him walking or waving, insert short length of hooked, damp, 28 gauge wire into legs. Let dry completely. Then form body and insert wire legs. Prop legs or body up into any position with cotton until body dries. Dust body with layers of spring green, emerald and blue dusts followed by green and sapphire blue luster dust to shimmer up froggy for moist appearance. Tangerine dust is used for suction cup toes. Water-loosened food coloring adds the minute color details for eyes and striping on side of abdomen. "Froggy's gone a courtin'. He did ride.... mmhummmm!"
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Pond Turle mold. Silicone mold for the turtle. stylized sugar turtle
#V90 - Pond Turtle - $21 Formed in two parts only, body and then shell! And painting can be simple as shown above.
Add a lifelike touch to your nature cakes with this quick Pond Turtle formed in gum paste or chocolate. To create natural turtle on the left, press pale yellow sugar dough into body mold. It easily pops out. Set stomach on cotton or polyfiber and tuck legs down and prop head up to dry. Press darker yellow dough into shell mold and glue on top of body. It is that easy. For painting, dust surface and edges with dark green leaving some yellow still showing. Paint with detail brush and water loosened food colors, black lines and red patch on neck. Dust with green luster dust to moisten appearance. Check out the two quick stylized versions that you can create in a couple minutes. Always use two shades to form the Turtle with the lighter hue used to shape the body. Even with no detail painting except for dots for the eyes, these two cute turtles look remarkably real!
Toad views
silicone toad mold Mr. Toad mold in silicone by Scott clark Woolley of Cakes By Design.
Even unpainted, it is cute as a button!
#V91 - Mr. Toad - $27
Cheer up any cake design with with an adorable toad. This very three dimensional creature is formed in one fell swoop. To create best impression, fill head of mold first, pressing firmly into eye sockets. Then fill remainder of mold flush with top surface. Press with palm fimly. Turn upside down while prying sides open a bit and Mr. Toad will hop onto the table. Paint double lidded eyes with food coloring. Dust under mouth and most of body with spring green followed by a darker green. Leave belly lighter. With flat brush scrape tips of "warts," toes and lips with tangerine petal dust. Moisten appearance with either super pearl dust or green luster dust. Now Mr. Toad goes anywhere you like! As the first customer in Australia put it, "Oh! He is so...ugly cute!"
Bumblebee body molds in silicone.
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#V48 - Bumble Body - Form the intricate head, thorax, abdomen and legs of the plump and cute Bumblebee in a jiffy. (Use #C55 for its wing) Set of two sizes for $18
#V44 - Butterfly Body - Form in an instant lifelike bodies for butterfly in 4 different sizes and styles. Surprise people with the lifelike nature of your bugs! - All for $19
Coloring for butterfly and bee and their formation are taught in my fun DVD #4 - "Garden Flowers with Sugar Critters."
Ladybug and beetle molds in silicone.
#V49 - Lady Bug Body - Add the cutest of whimsical touches to each floral cake design with this fast Ladybug mold, a total of six sizes to make any type of round beetle too. Set of 2 molds for $15
I have recently added a second mold of three smaller Ladybug bodies to V49 above. If you have previously bought the larger mold, the additional smaller mold is only $3. Othewise they cannot be sold separately.
Dragonfly body molds in silicone.
#V47 - Dragonfly Body - Form the challenging head, thorax and abdomen in 4 different sizes and varieties. (Use #C55 for its wing) The dragonfly symbolizes eternal life. - All four types are bought as a set for $19
I have recently added a fourth narrow Darning Needle Dragonfly body mold to set V49 above. If you have previously bought the other three molds, you may purchase the new type for only $3, othewise they cannot be sold separately.
Six New mushroom and toadstool molds! Instructions: Book
Large buttom mushroom silicone mold. Small buttom mushroom silicone molds for clay or sugar or chocolate.
#V77 - Large Button Mushroom - $14 #V78 - Small Button Mushroom - $12
Large spotted toadstool silicone mold for clay or sugar or chocolate. Small silicone mold for spotted toadstool.
#V79 - Large Spotted Toadstool - $16 #V80 - Small Spotted Toadstool - $14
Large Parasol Mushroom mold in silicone. Small silicone mold fo parasol mushrooms.
#V81 - Large Parasol Mushroom - $18

#V82 - Small Parasol Mushroom - $16

Raspberry and blackberry silicone molds by Scott Clark Woolley of Cakes by Design.
#V83 - Berry Makers - $18
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