The Right Turn on the Yellow Brick Road
From 1978-1988, as some of my customers and students may already know, I juggled two careers the first ten years of my cake designing, side by side with the performing arts, not sure which career direction in my life path to take and commit to fully.

In 1975, at the age of 20, I left my hometown of York, Pennsylvania, and moved to New York City to pursue my interest in acting and singing. My father was a voice teacher and my mother loved the stage. So it was in my blood to do so, but the Universe had another brighter path for me once I had gotten the urge to perform out of my system during my twenties.

Acquiring occasional small soap opera roles on "One Life to Live", "Search for Tomorrow" and "Another World", I soon discovered that I was asked to play too many policemen with a gun for my own personal taste. In fact, the last time the casting director called me for another cop role on "Another World", I turned her down saying, "I am done with show business! I wouldn't carry a gun in real life and no longer wish to do so even in fantasy situations." Those were my true feelings.

She was taken back a bit by my somewhat sudden decision, but quickly understood after I explained that I had another delightful career to commit too, cake designing. As the song says, "There is no business, like show business, like no business, I know!" I had come to fundamentally understand that show business and the performing arts were too very different things. The mentally stark and cold aspects of "show business," often overtakes the heartfelt aspect of the performing arts.

By coincidence, just a month earlier, I was involved in the last professional musical that I would be involved in. It was for the Gershwin Organization, recording in a studio a musical that hadn't been done since the 1930's called, "Let 'em Eat Cake." The great irony would be that it was the last time I performed in the Actors Equity Union. It has been cake and sugar art ever since!

Scott Clark Woolley

P.S. Referring to the title in yellow above, I love the movie, "The Wizard of Oz", a profound symbolic tale. I have come to understand through my study of metaphysics that this dream movie was presented to Humanity to teach souls about how to proceed in life along the right path.

In the movie, Dorothy Gale's soul, as symbolized by Glynda, the Good Witch of the North, floats down in a pink bubble, guides, but does not give the answers. She advises Dorothy to simply, "Follow the yellow brick road!"

The yellow energy wheel, also called a chakra of the human body, is the Solar Plexus, known too as the "Feeling Center". So Miss Gale's soul is teaching her that if she follows her feelings, brick by brick, along the life path, she will know which turn to take to get to bliss as symbolized by Oz. And that includes even when the fearful Scarecrow, the mental aspect of herself, cannot decide which fork in the road to take. "Heart has its reason, that reason cannot know," was once said by a famous philosopher, Blaise Pascal.

In other words, listening to Heart and one's own feelings, not the thoughts of Mind, will lead one along their proper path. That is, only if one listens to those yellow bricks of insight. If one does so, the personal expansion of the emerald green heart chakra will be achieved, the main purpose of a soul's incarnation, to learn to express love more through that green hue.

All of mankind were created to be "hue-man", each soul capable of expressing all the colors, "Over the Rainbow." A hue-man is meant to learn to express these primary colors starting from the base of the spine to the crown of their head: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Purple. Go here on another page of my site to see an animated illustration of the human spectrum.

And lastly, one cannot exclude mentioning the Red Root Chakra of the body, also known as the "Survival Chakra," when analyzing the symbolism of this classic book or movie. The red hue of the human form at the base of our being must be used to defeat those who would take our power. As Glynda says, "Stay tight inside of them [the Ruby Slippers]. She wouldn't want them it they weren't so powerful!" referring to the witch's desire to own them.

Further in this timeless tale, instructed by the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is asked to bring him the broomstick of the Wicked Witch of the West. It is through her act of courage of saving the Scarecrow from Witch's attempt to burn him by throwing water on her, that the dominator is defeated and melted away. Anytime in a dream, when the symbol of water is presented, it suggests self expression. Water in metaphysics is the clear symbol of feelings or expression of the heart pouring forth. Mother Earth is the petri dish of feelings within which humanity is being nurtured and encouraged to learn to express pure love and light of the Divine.

So to sum up, this classic dream suggests to all of us to value our feelings more and we will never get off our true path. And, if some evil tries to rob us of our power along the way, all we need do is express the red hue of our being. Evil is always of a mental blue nature, so expressing rage or anger against domination will scare the mental aspect away from its negative influence, melting back into the darkness from "Witch" it came.

End transmission.

Actor's Equity headshot at age 32
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