Hello, This is Scott Clark Woolley. I will read the text now in front of you. If you simply want to read and not hear my voice then click stop in the audio bar below. My advice though is to read the text along while I speak to receive the information in the deepest way. This lecture is 16 minutes long.
Before I begin my series of essays on metaphysics, let me share several fundamentals of that study which will apply later to many of the essays. So read or hear this treatise first before moving on to the other lessons. I have place color bars at certain points along the way in the text to suggest pauses to reflect on what has just been stated. You will see that I reference the "Myth of Eden" a great deal. It is no accident that that myth is at the basis of most human issues.

Hope you find something of value in this non-religious, metaphysical interpretation of that ancient mythic story which, as you will see, applies to the very core of our being.

The Feminine and Masculine
Aspects of the Self
There exist two polarities in the Universe that are evidenced by many symbols and expressions of consciousness in our third dimensional reality. In Eastern philosophy, they are referred to as Yin and Yang. Yin is defined as being with the feminine or feeling part of the self. Yang is the masculine aspect, the mind, which thinks, and then promotes the acts of doing. These two different polarities, manifested in humans, does not necessarily have so much to do with the sex of an individual. It has more to do with rather how one's consciousness expresses itself, whether it is leaning more towards the thinking or feeling polarity.
Ultimately we want to be in balance using both aspects, but because of questioning parts of creation as good or bad, the mind, in a state of fear, has tipped the balance. All spirits are in some way imbalanced at the present time with their expression of the Yin and Yang elements, all to uniquely varying degrees.
The Yin and Yang terms are also easily defined as that part of the self that feels or thinks. Currently, most spirits are endeavoring to balance again those two elements of the self which were once thrown into imbalance in the distant past by mere thoughts of fear and doubt. The mind questioned and then judged the feelings as bad or untrustworthy and mentally retreated from them, splitting the self.
White symbolizes all colors of the Yin or feminine, and black, the Yang, masculine color, absorbs her light, as black will do, to use the energy to manifest.
The Yin, however, is how the Universe communicates directly with its spirits, not through words, but feelings as well as symbols. So not trusting the feminine causes a sense of separation of the Universal support and as a result takes us off our life path. That is Adam's experience, the symbol of original Man, losing Yin connection with the Universe and hence, becoming "lonely." Adam represents all human spirits, not just one individual even though there was one first human spirit who bravely split into duality trusting that it was part of the process of creation.
The Yin represents the feeling center or Will of the Universe, the inner movement, which includes the Heart Center. The Yang represents the mental aspect of Spirit or Mind. The Yang expresses itself by thinking and then doing. It is the arrow out of the egg as symbolized by the common male sign that most of us know ( d ). Because the arrow takes away from the whole as it exits, the "Prodigal Son" leaving the home, it is considered a limited, negative, electron type of satellite energy. 
The feminine however, sits at the center of "All That Is", which is a larger nucleus of unlimited, positive, proton energy, characteristic of the feminine ( c ).  So basically, the true structure of the universe has the feminine at its center with the male element acting as an electron satellite to do for her what she feels should be created. With her intuitive feelings, the "Mother" therefore knows what needs to be manifested for the greatest good and asks the "Father of Manifestation," also called "Heart," to form it.
In other words, the Universe, when it creates, feels something move within itself, thinks upon it and then acts to create it with the male force of loving Heart manifestation. The natural order therefore of the Universe is to have the female aspect sit, be, and feel. Once the feelings have been felt, sorted out and most importantly valued, the mind then determines how and what should be accomplished first. It then shoots out the male energy of doing to manifest what the female element has felt and desired to create for "All That Is".
In most cases today, the male polarity, or the thinker in us, one could say, has judged the internal feminine nature as embarrassing or shameful, bad or evil, represented mythically by the shame hidden behind the fig leaf.
Negatively judging the feminine nature of the self creates denial of the feeling center. 
Therefore Man has gone into denial as symbolized arch-typically by Eve, Adam's Yin, inner facet, who in the past, swallowed the red fruit of anger rather than release it out by expressing it to the Universe. The effect on a grand scale became a continual state of denial for all human spirits. 
It is not "woman" who is symbolized by Eve in the ancient myth but the inner feminine nature of Man, named symbolically, Adam, who required removal of that Yin aspect from his solar plexus region, the feeling center, in order to mirror his denial. His "female" was then placed into physical reality as Eve, a trek into duality for a time, to help learn more easily about all aspects of the self. The bottom rib of the chest is literally right next to that feeling center or Chakra (energy wheel) of the body. "Adam's Rib, as it's been called, has been used therefore to symbolize the act of manifesting Eve into form from the center of Adam's being.
The primary reason our society worldwide is so out of balance is because of fear and judgment against the feminine nature. We have that Universal structure backwards. Stuck in reverse, than the natural order of things, society today has a thinking, male force, without feelings or advice from their inner feminine or Heart, then deciding what is to be manifested. A heartless mess is the final result!
One reason for the great fear of the Yin aspect is because it is hard to know where the feelings will take us. We therefore judge it mentally as frightening, being unsafe and unsure. That common misjudgment from the "Tree of Knowledge" ultimately created a society where, primarily, the male energy, often in alignment with the male sex too, is in denial of the feminine self. As a result, the male desperately tries to deny, hide and control the feminine, manifesting things only out of fear without Heart, and not using her intuition and advice for a more positive result. 
Many Middle Eastern, male polarity cultures, insist that the burka literally covers the female in order to keep her in denial and control her. This is a clear physical manifestation of the internal conflict and fear that the male, Yang principle, has towards the Yin or feminine in us all. The burka is the most extreme example of this imbalance physically manifested so that we can see today, in obvious terms, the fear that the Yang energy has towards the unlimited power of the feminine
The number "1" is the male symbol fundamentally, the rigid, unbending arrow, and the number "2" is the feminine number, which sits on its haunches, being and feeling.
For the last thousand years, in particular, the calendar date each year has led with the number "1," which symbolized on a vast scale, a male dominated society. As the year 2000 came upon us, and as the whole millennium unfolds, the female energy of sharing, feeling and Heart will gradually take hold of the Earth as symbolized by the "2". This change of valuing the female finally will correct the imbalance felt up until now with the number "1" male polarity, having led the world without intuition, feelings or Heart.
Our world society has taken the male control of the feminine to its final limit, almost to the brink of our own destruction. Mother Earth is that feminine element too, and has reached her tolerance level for the denial. As the fundamental feminine aspect we know, she can take no more denial of the pain of being ignored. The only solution is now to have the feminine, led by her, with the Yin energy leading us back to Paradise again, this time feeling our way home. 
There are many examples of the female finally taking charge in this year 2007. From the space shuttle and space station suddenly having both female captains at once, to the new female president of Argentina, to the first female speaker of the House of Representatives as well as the first real possible woman candidate for president of the United States next year. All these power positions now open to the Yin energy are clear signs that the feminine is finally being trusted and valued, and will inevitably rise to take her proper position of power in touch with the feelings of the Universe. No longer will she allow herself to be subservient to the fearful, out of touch mind of Man.
President Bush was the ultimate male symbol of the mind doing things out of fear, his "War on Terror". Change the word "terror" to "fear" and you will see how mentally silly is the name of his military campaign. This out of touch male ego is making sure all things became as messed up as possible, so at the end of "His-story," we would open up more to try the feminine as a last resort. Since the male energy without feelings just is not working, it would incline us all to say, "Let's then give her a try." It is now actually time of "Her-story" and no longer, the fearful time of "His-story".
We needed man to completely foul things up because the greatest change can happen only through chaos. It is through allowing a period of chaos that we can be truly creative. Holding onto old forms does not allow for the most positive change.
The Ego, which is the male element or mind manifesting a fear separated self, was formed from thoughts of separation from creation, and is caught in the illusion of time and the denial of the past. It has been that way for eons. Walking out of Eden, in fear of the wrath of the Universe, is the symbol of our denial and represents mental separation from our feminine. 
The Universe functions using the feminine force. Therefore, once we went into denial, we stopped functioning in alignment with the core of the Universe. The Universe does not judge reality. It accepts everything as part of its creation. When we judged any aspect of anything, we mentally withdrew from that alignment. The "Tree of Judgment" is outside of the thoughts of "All That Is" because there is no judgment for any mistaken act from the "Oneness" above.
The mind in the distant past cast a spell of fear over the self. The "End of Time" as described in so many religious fundamentalist viewpoints, is not the end of the world, but really, it is the end of the male dominated world for thousands of years. The "End of Time", or one could say, the "end of mental fear and misjudgments," is the "Prodigal Son" finally waking up to his denial and finally choosing to return back to his original masculine and feminine self, having explored darkness and negativity with the male principle as far a it could go. This unnatural journey was to help evolve the self out of denial through the experience of separation from "All That Is". We are all learning to value the creative feminine nature as a result of that exploration of aloneness.
As one goes around the Astrological wheel with the twelve signs, they happen to be aligned with either masculine and feminine polarities. I will list them below, so you can see where your polarity lies according to your soul's Sun sign along with their key phrase of affliction and imbalance. 
The bold lettering is the main phrase with the common affliction or imbalance that is associated with the sign following it in a sentence or two. If you were born in the first three weeks of the month, then one sign will be appropriate. If you were born in the last week of the month, then there is a blending of two signs, so read the one associated with your Sun sign and then as well the previous sign. You will see traits of both probably:
A  Aries - Masculine - Yang - "I am the headstrong, impatient, energetic child who wants to manifest everything and finishes nothing. But that's just more fun, isn't it? Anyone for tennis?"

B  Taurus - Feminine - Yin - "I have felt, sampled and sensed it all and now I want to keep it all for myself because I love it so much. Please, more food and drink! Want to see my art gallery?"

C  Gemini - Masculine - Yang - "I think I don't know my other half enough, my twin. She is feeling neglected I am told. Oh, well, one day I promise to check in with her.

D Cancer - Feminine - Yin - "I feel I love my family so much that I just won't let them go to give them freedom. I want to mother them forever! Is that so wrong? To love? My home is everything.

E Leo - Masculine - Yang - "I will this task be done for the greatest good throughout my kingdom, regardless of how others feel about it. I'm so important, I must be the boss! Uh, where is everybody? I need attention."

F  Virgo - Feminine - Yin - "I analyze everything and find flaws wherever I can in order to achieve something completely unattainable. It is called perfection. And when I find it, I will let you know. Oh, by the way, do you have an antacid?"

G  Libra - Masculine - Yang - "We are too angry. Let's not fight. I simply don't want to lose my mental balance. Let's read a book instead. The trouble is, I just can't make a decision now about which book to read! Do you have a feeling which one?"

H Scorpio - Feminine - Yin - "I desire so passionately what I want to create that I can destroy myself if I don't achieve it. I hate that. It makes me so angry that I just want to die! Do you like my red and black outfit?"

e Sagittarius - Masculine - Yang - "I see how things should be governed well and therefore speak so pointedly and direct with my arrow of truth, that it often hurts some feelings. But they need to hear the truth; don't they? I think so. Let's party!"

J  Capricorn - Feminine - Yin - "I use everything at my disposal to achieve greatness, gain power and most importantly, control myself and others. My stiff knees are sure hurting me from all that effort at control!"

K Aquarius - Masculine - Yang - "I know about the true nature of reality so I will not bend my viewpoint or position. Please leave me alone! I have more interesting things to think about and do, like saving humanity, foolish one!"

L Pisces - Feminine - Yin - "I believe I care more about others than myself, so I am lost in my watery dreams of what life could be for me. Dreary me. I must go cry now. Oh, you need some help? I'll cry later."

As you may notice, there are six of each polarity and like a zig zag, are evenly alternating positive and negative polarity around the wheel. Each sign is feeling or thinking oriented in other words.

Now this is just the Sun sign of the natal chart. One needs to look at all the other elements in the personal Astrological matrix to see how these fundamental traits or afflictions may be intensified or softened by favorable or not so favorable placements in the chart. However, take look at the people closest to you and see if these common phrases for their Sun signs, do, or don't on some level apply.

Thank you for your time listening and reading.

End transmission ~

Scott Clark Woolley

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