Next to the bride and groom, the wedding cake is the focal point of any reception party, symbolizing the first sweet moments of a couple’s new life together. This tradition evolved from once strewing wheat grains in front of the wedding procession to assure a fruitful and fertile life together, similar to the rice throwing of today’s celebrations. Later centuries, the wheat was baked into a cake and given as a gift to the married couple. In time, that dessert became more and more an opportunity for chefs and cake designers all over the world to express love in most artful way.

Hope these cake designs inspire the artist in you! Scott Clark Woolley

"Extraordinary cake by master baker, Scott Clark Woolley." Martha Stewart's book, Weddings "Innovative cake designer who can create the cake of your dreams!" Bride's magazine
"Sugar flowers so real they appear to grow!" CNN News "Masterpiece maker... master of illusion." WABC - Steve Hartman
"These creations are truly works of art!" Lifetime Televion The cake was astonishing, created with such artistry!" Angela Landsbury
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Cake designs in any style imaginable and for every season of the year!
Adorn the party table with handcrafted sugar table decorations.
Along with a specially designed cake, handmade personalized table decorations in sugar add a charming touch to any affair and really shows you care. Knife spray, namecards, napkin rings or tiny flower sprigs may be given like party favors as well as beautify the table, too!
Here's a lovely idea for a christening cake with Lily of the Valley as the floral display.
Compliment the cake design with a sugar floral spray adorning the cake knife!
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